Sunglasses India Launches Handy 4 in 1 Screwdriver Tool Kit for Eyewear and Watches Repair

Mumbai, India, January 18, 2012 --( Latest in the range of sunglasses and watch repair, popular online portal has launched a brand new tool that allows for easy repair of any sunglasses, eyeglasses and watches.

This is a 4 in 1 tool that can be used as a screwdriver, a watch repair tool, an eyeglass screw driver and a keychain. Sunglasses often have tiny screws which become loose due to daily wear and tear, which make them really uncomfortable to wear. Besides, there is also the fear of the screw coming out and getting lost.

Watches are also almost the same. The tiny screws on the back of watches are incredibly difficult to take out. As a result, we need to take the watch to a repair shop every time there is a need to replace the batteries or fix even a small fault in it. Many times, just a lose strap on a perfectly working watch can stop us from wearing it. All this not only costs a lot of money, but is also a huge wastage of time.

Most of us would confess that we have at least one pair of eyewear or a watch lying at home that they just never found the time to get repaired and have not used it in a long time. This is where this 4-in-1 tool can come in really handy. This tiny tool is only a few grams in weight and can be carried in your pocket or purse without any problem.

The tool includes one flat head screwdriver, star nut driver and Phillips screwdriver. This allows you to screw and unscrew several devices easily. The small size of this tool is extremely to hold and work with. It doesn’t have any long handles or thick holders to constraint your grip. The thin design also allows the screw driver to reach the smallest nooks and corners of the eyewear and watches.

According to Mr.Aakash Shah, Founder of, this tool has been designed while keeping the consumers in mind. He said, “We know that a normal, untrained person is not equipped to handle tools that require high precision work. This is the reason we have made it extremely easy to hold and work with.” The device is available on the website and can be ordered for just Rs. 50 per piece with Free Shipping. The response from the customers is overwhelming and the reviews say a lot about the usefulness and quality of the product.

The reversible flat and high quality screwdriver head allow users to switch from one mode other really quickly. There is no need for extra tools or devices to hold or fix the screw as the device is enough for the entire process. It is suitable for all kinds of eyeglasses, including high range branded fashion sunglasses and prescription eyewear. According to Mr. Shah, this device can also be used for other electronic devices like mobile phones, binoculars, cameras etc. is a trusted and reliable online portal. They have quick delivery process and payments can be made through a safe online payment platform.

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