Egoscue Pain Free (Back Pain) Exercise and Fitness DVD Workout Series Coming to Retail

BayView Entertainment announces the first-time retail availability of the Egoscue "Pain Free" Workout Series on DVD. The DVDs will available at all major retailers and online stores beginning June 19.

Hackensack, NJ, May 11, 2007 --( Pete Egoscue, best-selling author and creator of The Egoscue Method, a unique program designed to help relieve people of chronic pain, has signed a distribution deal with BayView Entertainment, one of America’s leading distributors of fitness, exercise, and dance programming, to release his “Pain Free Workout” DVDs to retailers. BayView will release three “Pain Free Workouts”: Egoscue Pain Free Workout Volume 1 – Beginners ($19.99 srp), Egoscue Pain Free Workout Volume 2 – Advanced ($19.99 srp), and Egoscue Pain Free Workout Volume 1 & 2 two pack ($29.99 srp), which will be available in stores throughout the country and at all major online retailers June 19th.

About the DVDs:
Pain Free Workout Volume 1: Beginners’ Workout focuses on proper alignment, posture, and muscle recruitment/engagement. Follow along with Liba Placek, the Egoscue Director of Athletics, and Brian Bradley, the Egoscue VP of Therapy Protocol while they give you the secrets to restored energy and improved pain free movement forever. The Egoscue Method can significantly reduce or eliminate muscular and skeletal pain and is designed for all fitness levels, age, ability, and skill. The Egoscue Method improves flexibility, strength, core alignment, and balance which will help improve your posture, move more efficiently and effectively relieving your pain. *A bonus version of the workout is included featuring only the original music score and audible cues that will let you know when to go to the next exercise. This non-verbal bonus allows you to enjoy your workout with only the beautiful, original musical score in the background. Running time: 47 minutes

Pain Free Workout Volume 2: Advanced: Follow along with Liba Placek, the Egoscue Director of Athletics, and Brian Bradley, the Egoscue VP of Therapy Protocol, as they teach you powerful techniques and skills that can restore your flexibility, strength, proper alignment, and balance while rejuvenating your energy and Mind-Body relationship. Thousands of people suffering from muscular and skeletal pain have experienced profound pain relief with Egoscue’s transformational, peak performance methodology. Volume 2 - Advanced includes the 42 minute workout, plus 2 bonus routines. *Version One is only the original music score with audible cues when changing moves allowing you to enjoy the beautiful background music. The Second Bonus features Brian Bradley teaching and training you how each move affects your body, and the rationale behind each of Pete’s transformational move. Running time: 42 Minutes

Pain Free Workout Volume 1 & 2 Two-Pack – A specially-priced two DVD set containing Volumes 1 and 2 at a saving of $10. DVD 1 – 47 Minutes, DVD 2 – 42 Minutes

About Pete Egoscue and the “Egoscue Method”:
Peak Performance and Mind-Body Icon Pete Egoscue is responsible for creating a profound therapeutic system that helps relieve chronic pain while creating peak physical performance for everyone; young, old, athletic and non-athlete. When you ask Pete Egoscue to put a label on himself, he simply states, "I'm the Posture Guy," which is fairly modest for a man responsible for establishing over twenty-five clinics world-wide, with corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. Presently, The Egoscue Method is used in over eighty-five countries. He has authored four books, including the best selling book, Pain Free. He is also the host of the extremely popular, nationally syndicated talk radio show, Pain Free, with a listener base of over 12 million. Long time friend and client Jack Nicklaus calls Pete an "Anatomical Functionalist", "Pete Egoscue has totally changed my life. Never have I experienced such complete pain relief as I have by following The Egoscue Method.” Pete has consulted some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment such as Junior Seau, John Lynch, Trevor Hoffman, and Dave Roberts to name a few.

Pete graduated from Utah State University with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and minor in athletics, which enabled him gain a thorough understanding of the body and Human Kinetics. He then served ten years as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps before resigning his commission in 1978 as a Major. While serving a stint in Vietnam, Pete suffered a devastating injury to his left hip, thigh and entire left torso from an enemy rifle that left him riddled with shrapnel. These personal injuries and his subsequent struggles with chronic pain compelled him to create his methodology as he adamantly decided not to live his life with chronic pain just like Joseph Pilates and Moshe Feldenkrais. Bottom Line: Pete Egoscue has successfully helped thousands of people relieve themselves of chronic pain forever since 1978.

About Bayview Entertainment, LLC:
BayView Entertainment, LLC, an independent leader in the home entertainment marketplace, distributes a versatile array of exercise, fitness, dance, and special interest titles to suit the ever-changing needs of home entertainment audiences. Some of the diverse artists BayView represents include: Gilad, Christi Taylor, Joyce Vedral, Finis Jhung, Broadway Dance Center, Lester Horton, Salsa Crazy, 8 Minute Abs, and Yoga Journal magazine. BayView Entertainment can be found online at

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