Sponsorship Opportunity for a Travel-Related Company. Contribution Chance for Curious Minds.

Caligae Travel Files - World by sensitive eyes. Author's articles & illustrations about world nations & travel destinations. Curious, humorous, philanthropic. Entertaining anthropology & travel information by the very locals. Focus on people & their environment. Imperceptible phenomena & interesting facts.

Oxford, United Kingdom, January 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- This month a new start-up makes its first step online. This is Caligae Travel Files - a virtual folder where everybody can add a newspaper cutting and a hand-written sketch or a nice photograph in the collection of short articles & author's illustrations about world nations & travel destinations. If you consider the locals an attention-worthy attraction of a destination, if you are ready to use your sense of humor, good taste and attention to details, become a contributor and you will automatically become a philanthropist as well.

The first writing & art contest will be organized soon coinciding with the website debut launch, so a Sponsor Is Wanted. Please feel free to request further details at editor[at]caligae.info and wish the project good luck. Look for Caligae Travel Files on Facebook and Twitter and do not miss a thing.

Caligae Travel Files
Anna Shemonaeva