Enhanced LA Property Management Services Promoted to Local Building Owners at TDIPropertiesInc.com

Los Angeles property management company TDI Properties is currently promoting its enhanced range of building management and leasing services for building owners, from in-house building repairs to tenant evaluation.

Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- TDI Properties, a Los Angeles property management firm available online at http://www.TDIPropertiesInc.com, is promoting its holistic range of building management and rental services for local building owners as well as corporations, trustees, lending institutions, attorneys, state agencies, homeowner associations, and other property-owning legal entities. In addition to the company’s ability to increase net operating income by an average of 24.7% within the first 12 months, TDI Properties also boasts a 98% occupancy rate in the various properties for which it is responsible, as well as a tenant default rate of just 0.6%.

“It’s common knowledge that LA property management isn’t easy. Los Angeles has a notoriously difficult and intense property rental landscape, and with such competition for spaces, building owners eager to fill vacancies sometimes settle for sub-par tenants. Where we come in is to take on that experience completely, so that we can find tenants, show the properties, manage the application and review process, and run checks on any potential tenants to ensure that they’re dependable and reliable. We also run an in-house repair service to ensure that all properties meet local building codes,” said TDI Properties’ CEO Tzvi Ferszt.

The Los Angeles apartment management company’s eight-step leasing process is an intensive and effective process for matching property owners with lessees who are heavily-vetted to ensure that they are reliable and very unlikely to default on rent payments or cause any property damage. TDI Properties’ brand of LA property management begins with advertising vacancies across various social media channels and networks with an emphasis on linking and SEO to ensure that a building owner’s property is widely viewed. TDI Properties also features vacancies on its own website, schedules tours, manages relationships with potential lessees and runs a range of searches on tenants’ employment histories, credit scores, previous financial troubles and criminal histories to ensure that only the most desirable candidates are selected.

“After our extensive tenant selection process, we make sure the tenant transitions easily into his or her new apartment. We also run a walkthrough with a tenant prior to move-in that allows us to evaluate the condition of the space so the tenant feels comfortable and so we can track any damage that is incurred later in the leasing period. We make sure to host lease payments and maintenance requests online, to make it as convenient as possible for all parties involved,” said Ferszt.

In addition to its complete tenant sourcing and management process, TDI Properties is also highlighting its repair and building restoration services for property management Los Angeles. Alongside its monthly maintenance, preventative inspections, and energy conservation measures, TDI also sponsors an in-house, cost-saving company, Lefert Maintenance Group, which performs regular maintenance tasks. For unusual or large-scale repairs, TDI Properties can refer third party vendors with discounted rates. The Los Angeles property management firm has further experience in completely overhauling blighted and city code-violating properties, overseeing a property’s complete renovation and inspections in order to help owners make it marketable once again.

Its rental and repair services aside, TDI Properties is also promoting its extensive scope of LA property management assistance services, including asset advisory consulting services, acquisitions and dispositions, court-appointed receivership, construction and development, liability and risk-management, utility and mortgage auditing, code compliance, curative title work, natural disaster damage management, and much more.

To learn more about the property management LA firm’s complete list of services, visit TDI Properties at http://www.TDIPropertiesInc.com, or contact the company by phone at 877-389-9277. The company is also active on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TDIPropertiesInc, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TDIProperties, and its blog at http://www.PropertyManagementInfo.com.

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