AnaSpec Offers Speedy 28-Day Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service

San Jose, CA, January 25, 2012 --( When traditional protocols can take almost 90 days, the wait for high-quality custom polyclonal antibodies can be excruciating. AnaSpec is pleased to introduce the Speedy 28-day custom polyclonal antibody service. Leveraging proven technology from Eurogentec, AnaSpec's parent company, this protocol uses a proprietary mixture of Freund's free immuno-stimulatory compounds. The first bleed is obtained at Day 21 after 4 immunizations. Bleed is guaranteed to have a titer of at least 1/20,000 for one of the immunized rabbits.

Pricing of this polyclonal antibody package includes peptide design from protein of interest, peptide synthesis (>90% purity, 15aa, 3 to 4 weeks), choosing from standard peptide sequence, phosphorylated peptide sequence, methylated peptide sequence or acetylated peptide sequence, conjugation to carrier protein (KLH, BSA, or OVA), choice of two new Zealand rabbits in SPF or non-SPF environment, 28-day immunization protocol (not including peptide synthesis), ELISA at Day 28, and Antigens include single peptide or two peptides or customer-supplied protein. (titer guarantee does not apply to customer-supplied protein)

To start your 28-day immunization polyclonal project, please contact to obtain a price quotation or visit

AnaSpec, Inc.
Tiffany Kao