yaSSL Marks Growth of Embedded SSL in Findings from 2011 Annual Report

yaSSL, the open-source embedded SSL provider, highlights its 2011 achievements: doubled customer base, 5x revenue, technology improvements, new standard compliance, and expansion into new markets.

Bozeman, MT, January 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- yaSSL, the open-source embedded SSL provider, celebrates the increased demand for its device encryption technology. As the company’s annual report reveals, yaSSL doubled its global customer base and grew its annual revenue by an order of five (5x) in 2011. This exceptional growth is attributed to yaSSL’s ability to deliver small-footprint, standards-compliant embedded security solutions that are both fast and portable. By extending its technology, business relationships, and standards compliance, yaSSL products have been widely adopted and considered the optimal method of securing data transmission in industrial automation, gaming, smart energy, surveillance, medical, military and networking devices.

“In our world of connected devices, security is mission critical,” noted Larry Stefonic, Founder of yaSSL. “We have made outstanding progress in building ourbusiness partnerships, our CyaSSL feature set, and our team to ensure that we provide the best embedded SSL. Our constant business and technology evolution is well complemented by our ever-growing community of open-source users, which also contributed meaningfully to our outstanding growth in 2011.”

To ensure the security of client applications, yaSSL implemented numerous improvements in its product line over the course of the past year. The CyaSSL embedded SSL library was extended to include the Elliptic Curve (ECC) cipher suites, enhanced public key cryptography, secure signatures and machine-to-machine (M2M) key agreements. Improved TLS 1.2 support, additional cipher suites, runtime certificate generation and increased PKCS8 support round out CyaSSL’s security updates. New counter-mode encryption, along with error detection and handling, complemented improved NTRU cipher suites for both public and private access devices.

These developer security improvements were matched by the continued evolution of the yaSSL tools at the programming level. Runtime memory enhancement improved flexibility, enabling changes to memory functions at runtime, secure cached memory, and customized logging functionality. Through the use of a simple header structure and compiler visibility controls, CyaSSL reduced namespace pollution, enabling developers to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about naming conflicts. Additional test support provides developers the opportunity to better identify coding errors, reducing development time.

“In the security market, incremental, continuous product evolution drives the latest and most complete protection for our clients,” confirmed Stefonic. “The number of attacks on devices has surpassed those on desktop and IT systems, creating a vulnerability for which few companies have yet developed sufficient protection. yaSSL is fully prepared to bridge that gap and create a protective sheath for applications at the military and surveillance level where the attacks are expected or, in industrial automation and medical devices, where connectivity has created new vulnerabilities.”

As part of yaSSL’s continuous evolution, CyaSSL is now successfully ported to several additional platforms. CyaSSL can now be used on Microchip’s PIC32, Apple TV, and Android NDK environments. FreeRTOS/OpenRTOS and the Haiku operating systems are also now supported. Compatibility with the KLone Web Application framework and MBed cloud compiler ensure that CyaSSL can address cutting-edge device frameworks. CyaSSL is also now compatible with CURL, lwIP, reSIPprocate and hostapd to provide optimal flexibility for users in those open-source communities.

Stefonic concludes, “yaSSL’s progress in 2011 lays a solid foundation for 2012. We will continue to expand our resources to ensure that yaSSL’s clients benefit from the best embedded SSL. Our continued, incremental progress is community critical simply because we want to help users avoid that large-impact, hard-to-predict error that may lead to tomorrow’s cryptographic black swan event.”

About yaSSL
Founded in 2004, yaSSL offers open-source, embedded security solutions that are fast, small, portable and standards-compliant, including: CyaSSL, the C-language SSL library for embedded and RTOS environments; yaSSL, the embedded C++ SSL library; and yaSSL embedded web server, a fast, embeddable, secure web server. Dual-licensed, yaSSL caters to the security applications in industrial automation, smart energy, surveillance, medical, military, and telecommunications markets as well as the open-source community. yaSSL is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, and employs a worldwide distributor network. For more information about yaSSL solutions, please visit the company’s Web site at www.yassl.com, call +1 206 369 4800, or e-mail info@yassl.com.

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