A Cry for Help from Orphans in China is Answered by Sassy Scrubs' Karen Bradley and Her Blankets for Babies Project

The opening of a new Lily Orphan Care Orphanage in the Nan Yang province of China brings about another donated shipment of baby blankets. In the cold winter months, these blankets are critical, and can mean preventing the loss of fingers and toes through frostbite for the smallest of babies.

Penn Yan, NY, January 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- For several years, Karen Bradley has been quietly making baby blankets to send to orphans in need in China. Recently, the China Charity Project Director at Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) alerted Karen to the need for a shipment of warm blankets to orphans in the province of Nan Yang, China. The establishment of a new orphanage facility in this area has led to a need for more baby blankets to comfort the orphans there.

In a partnership between CCAI and China’s governmental division overseeing adoptions, the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), Karen’s Blankets for Babies Project was accepted as an Official Project in 2007. The Chinese name for this project is “ai xin xiao mian tan” and roughly translates to “Little Blanket of Love,” an apt name for this project of the heart.

In addition to spending weekends in her sewing room, Karen enlisted workers at her company, Sassy Scrubs, a United States based manufacturer of custom made hospital uniforms, to sew baby blankets in their spare time. Her efforts caught the attention of Colorado adoption agency, CCAI, and the officials at China’s CCCWA.

Karen has already sent over 7,000 blankets to Chinese orphanages through her volunteer Blankets for Babies Project. Along with the generous donation of time and resources from Karen, donations of blankets and cash assistance have been received from people and groups throughout the United States, such as Girl Scout troops, church groups, and individual families. One young girl used her recent slumber party as a "baby blanket making party" and shipped Karen dozens of blankets to be sent to orphans in China. This newest shipment of blankets to an orphanage in the Nan Yang province will allow Karen and her supporters to continue to assist the waiting and foster children of China’s orphanages.

The costs of coal and fuel can be prohibitively high during the cold winter months in many areas of China. Babies and small children in orphanages suffer from the cold temperatures, wearing hats and mittens inside the orphanage building and sleeping zipped up in winter coats. “During severe winter weather,” states Karen, “frostbite becomes a real and serious problem.” It is for this reason that Karen’s project becomes even more important during the winter months. “It becomes more than the comfort of a soft blanket,” says Karen, “it also can mean preventing the loss of fingers and toes through frostbite for the smallest babies.”

This Project needs help. Since it costs nearly $100 for every box of 60 blankets mailed from New York to China, funds are needed to get these warm blankets into the hands of China’s waiting children. Karen is working on negotiating a reduced fee through FedEx and airlines, but it is expected that costs will still be high. Any funds not used for the shipping costs will help Karen purchase more warm and soft fabric, for more blankets.

To help this wonderful project succeed, visit www.sassyscrubs.com/news.php?id=25 to make an instant donation. Bradley states, "Charitable donations are vital in order for this project to succeed. You can help a baby or awaiting child receive a warm, soft 'Little Blanket of Love'.”

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