Enviro-Solutions Kicks Off 2012 Social Media Marketing Program to Complement Current Marketing Campaigns

Ontario, Canada, January 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of proven-Green cleaning products, announces that the company will significantly enhance its social media marketing programs in 2012, all designed to complement the company’s current marketing efforts.

To do this, the company has established sites on Facebook, Twitter, as well as YouTube. It recently introduced a membership-only LinkedIn Group site as well.

“The LinkedIn Group, named ‘Enviro-Solutions and Customers,’ allows our staff, distributors, and end-users to post questions, share insights, share images, and discuss Green cleaning-related issues,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager for the company. “We wanted to keep that one ‘in the family,’ so to speak.”

Sawchuk adds the company’s Facebook and Twitter sites have also recently been redesigned and it plans to significantly increase the number of people “Liking” and “Following” those sites. “We also have a contest planned [to promote our Facebook site] that we will announce in the next couple of months,” he explains.

There is a lot of interest in social media marketing today and it is still a novelty, according to Sawchuk. However, recent studies indicate it is growing in importance as a marketing tool, even for B-to-B companies.

“People go to [their] browsers every day to search for solutions and products,” says Sawchuk. “Social media sites, at the very least, are enhancing the level of being found in search engines, a key part of our new marketing strategy.”

Robert Kravitz