Student at Walford and North Shropshire College Receives Prestigious Award

Walford and North Shropshire College A-Level student Melvyn Yan has today received the prestigious Royal Air Force (RAF) Sixth Form Scholarship Certificate from Flight Lieutenant Chris Wilson. The Scholarship is worth £1000 and is available to students in year 12 but in order to receive it they need to come through a rigorous selection process.

Shropshire, United Kingdom, January 27, 2012 --( Flight Lieutenant Wilson says, “We only give a few of these out each year and they are spread across the whole country. Students are selected through an interview process. Once they have passed a local interview their names then go on into a regional sift. Only the best from this sift are then selected to go on to the next stage in the process and only the best of the best are finally selected to receive this scholarship. These are certainly not easy to obtain and obtaining one does not automatically guarantee entrance into the RAF.”

Melvyn, who first decided he wanted to join the RAF after listening to the experiences of his Grandfather a Sergeant in the service, says, “The interview lasted nearly an hour and as well as being asked my reasons for wanting to join I was questioned about such things as my knowledge of World Politics, Current Affairs, the work of the RAF and military dealings around the world.”

“Even more important than his knowledge in these areas were the answers he gave in the other part of the interview.” Flight Lieutenant Wilson explains, “Most of the interview is about him and his background. What he has done with his life to date. Consideration is given to such things as his achievements, his extra-curricular activities, including work he might have done in his local community. So, for example, somebody who is going home of an evening and spending all his spare time playing on his Xbox is not going to get picked. In order to get into the regional sift he must have proved that he is doing something over and above his studies.”

Having successfully passed the interview Melvyn was then invited to take part in a week long Adventurers and Leadership Training course held at Bramley Park Lakes in Norfolk. Whilst there he was given a taste of what will be involved in the Officer and Air Crew Selection Centre (OASC) process. He was put through several fictitious scenarios in an outdoor environment during which his teamwork, leadership and problem solving abilities were put to the test. Melvyn intends to join the RAF as a medical officer and, once he applies to join the RAF he will need to spend three to four days undertaking this form of testing.

Melvyn’s next step is to apply for the RAF University Bursary. The selection process for this is similar to that of the Scholarship but he can expect to undertake a much more in depth interview requiring him to answer many more questions and to explain what he has gained from receiving the 6th form Scholarship. Should he be successful in obtaining this Bursary the RAF will help fund him through university and, providing he passes the OASC he may be able to expect to join the RAF on successful completion of his university studies.

In the meantime 17 year old Melvyn from Gobowen is waiting to hear which University he will get into. Of his time at Walford and North Shropshire he says “The College is a very friendly environment. There is a great staff to student ratio which means we get plenty of individual attention when we need it and we are given a good balance of freedom and responsibility which helps you develop good time management skills and is good preparation for University where people are expected to be very self-motivated and directed.”

Anyone interested in joining the RAF, or in finding out more about the Scholarship, the Bursary, direct entry or who has any questions at all is invited to contact Flight Lieutenant Chris Wilson on 01743 234800 or to call into the Shrewsbury or Wrexham Careers Office.

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