Moving Your Elderly Friends and Family Members

Las Vegas, NV, January 27, 2012 --( The retirement years are very much anticipated, dreamed about and with a lifetime worth saved up — an expectation of more leisure time and fewer responsibilities. What the elderly and their family and friends do not realistically anticipate is the changes that occur when people age. Changes could be seen physically and mentally which brings about changes in lifestyle that may mean moving to a much unfamiliar and less personal space. Just like anything in life, the expectations outweigh the reality which brings about disappointment and frustration to everyone. Many a time the elderly have been in the same home for 20, 30 or 40 years then suddenly they're uprooted to be moved to a more suitable living situation. Two Men And A Truck Las Vegas has put together a guide to help you understand what you can do to help your elderly family and friends move.

Choosing the Best Living Situation
Choosing the most suitable living situation heavily relies on the health of the elderly and everyones peace of mind. Sit down and talk to your parents or friends to make the right decision. Your elderly friends and family members may fear the moving and downsizing process as it is the first time that they have come to the realization they will be losing some of their freedom and moving closer to death. Whether it is for them to live closer to relatives, get a smaller place that has no stairs or move to an assisted living facility - everyone must be comfortable with the decision.

Help sort out the belongings of your elderly parents or friends. Help with delivering or mailing items they want to give away to relatives and friends such as furniture, heirloom pieces and so on. Set-up a garage sale for items that are unneeded. If they are moving to an assisted living facility find out if they provide beds, couches, etc. or if they have to provide their own. If they own a pet, choose a place that'll take pets but if pets are prohibited arrange for a relative or friend who lives nearby to keep them.

Moving Day
To ease the moving process, it may be best that your elderly parents or friends are not around during the move. Take them out and assure them that everything is being taken cared of by the movers. Assign another trusted friend or relative to be present during the move.

Setting Up the New Home
Help your elderly parents or friends unpack their belongings and get the place looking as homey and cozy as possible. Host a Just Moved party and invite neighbors so they will get acquainted with new people. First few days, weeks and months may be a struggle to adjust to the new place but it'll definitely get better in time.

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Karina Bruce