FTL Finance Enlists SteadyRain for Mobile Application Development

SteadyRain announces partnership with FTL Finance for the development of a custom iPad application (app), which will serve as the mobile complement to the current web-based application.

St Louis, MO, January 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- SteadyRain, an award-winning digital agency located in St. Louis, Missouri, announces partnership with FTL Finance for the development of a custom iPad application (app), which will serve as the mobile complement to the current web-based application.

The mobile solution provides FTL Finance contractors’ the ability to document time-sensitive information in the field and upload the necessary credit data directly to the web-based application, eliminating the need for additional time and paperwork.

“The mobile solutions SteadyRain has developed for FTL finance will allow contractors to collect potential customer information on site, right there with the lead,” said Todd Grzybinski of FTL Finance. “This enables faster turn-around on the credit approval process. Contractors can potentially provide credit approval while waiting with the customer.”

A series of customized applications will be included in the main iPad app, which includes Customer Application, Business Application, and Contractor Application as well as financial calculators. Application usage will be dependent on the type of work the contractor is enlisted to perform.

Through the development of customizable applications within the iPad app, FTL Finance and its contractors have greater control over the organization of information and the ability to quickly locate data on the web-based application, once the necessary details are uploaded from the iPad.

“FTL came to us with a challenge. Their contractors needed faster approval on credit applications in order to close deals. Working with FTL, we devised a plan that would allow mobile devices to capture data on-site,” said Joe Marcallini, Vice President of Internet Strategy, SteadyRain. “SteadyRain chose to develop a native application for the iPad. Tablets, such as the iPad, have proven to be a successful source for B2B interactions.”

SteadyRain worked previously with FTL Finance on web application development projects and is excited to partner again within the ever-evolving field of mobile technology.

About FTL Finance
FTL Finance is a Missouri based company specializing in lease financing of HVAC equipment for residential and commercial properties since 1996. By working with contractors across the country, FTL has built a rapid response financing system customized to your needs. FTL Finance offers convenient fixed interest rate financing for both residential and commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment purchases.

About SteadyRain
SteadyRain is a privately held, St. Louis-based Internet strategy, design and development firm that works closely with each of its clients to create unique and profitable Internet strategies through consulting, strategic planning, website design and development, online marketing solutions, web application development, and mobile application development. SteadyRain has been helping businesses and organizations develop their online strategies, increase revenue, and decrease costs since 1999, having worked with clients such as Build-a-Bear Workshop, Great Rivers Greenway, the Missouri Division of Tourism, Missouri Botanical Garden, Novus International, and Washington University. For more information about SteadyRain, please visit www.SteadyRain.com.

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