Camera Lenses Promoted to Photographers in Try and Buy Rental Deal by Professional Camera Equipment Supplier SuperDigitalCity

SuperDigitalCity, an online retailer specializing in high-quality (cameras and) professional photography equipment, is promoting its Try and Buy program, which allows photographers to rent lenses for a small fee before committing to a purchase.

Brooklyn, NY, January 29, 2012 --( Professional photography equipment retailer SuperDigitalCity, located at, is pleased with the amazing success of its Try and Buy program. In a deal coordinated with, Super Digital City is allowing photographers to rent from among a range of camera lenses and other products with no commitments. If, after experimenting with the equipment’s functionality, the photographer wishes to purchase a lens, they are additionally eligible to receive a coupon code directly from SuperDigitalCity that can apply as a further discount on the purchase.

“We’re extremely pleased with the success of this program in partnership with, and we really think it will make the equipment purchasing process less intimidating and arduous for photographers. When buying professional camera equipment online, it can be difficult to get a good sense of the effects a lens will have on the final product, and how different lenses can help photographers work to find their unique aesthetics. This program not only allows our customers to try out a range of lenses and other products before committing to a risk-free purchase, but if the photographer wishes to purchase a new copy of the same lens they’ve rented, they can email us directly for a coupon that we apply to their purchase. In terms of product range and quality, is one of the best in the business, and we’re proud to be working with them,” said Jack Hersh, Marketing Director of the professional photography equipment retailer.

SuperDigitalCity's offer is an uncommon one; rarely do professional photography equipment sites allow consumers the risk-free opportunity to test out products without making commitments. Those interested in experimenting with lenses and other products can rent from among a range of top brands, including Sigma, Profoto, Induro, and Sekonic. While lenses are the highlight of the promotion, photographers are also able to try out lens filter products, lighting instruments, and tripods. And, for those who decide that they wish to purchase a similar piece of equipment that they’ve rented, SuperDigitalCity is offering digital coupons that can save consumers $50 or more off of their final purchase.

Products eligible for the rental deal are available on both SuperDigitalCity and LensRentals websites. Featuring 120 different Sigma brand lens options alone, LensRentals selection of lenses includes fisheye, macro, and other lens types that work with Nikon, Canon, Four-Thirds, and other popular professional camera equipment brands. With a rental period ranging from four to 90 days depending on the consumer’s preferences (and a reasonable, sliding rental fee scale to match), the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro for Canon is an extremely sharp telephoto lens that allows a good amount of working distances when shooting Macro, and is just one example of the professional-grade lens offerings included in the Try and Buy rental deal.

While the bulk of the professional photography equipment products included in the Try and Buy deal are camera lenses, interested consumers are also eligible to receive discounts when they rent other photography accessory products. The Induro CT313 Heavy Duty Tripod is a classic, standard height tripod with a sturdy center post and magnesium alloy center, which also comes with a handy toolkit, and would hold appeal to photographers in the market for a new tripod. Those interested can also investigate further professional camera equipment, including lighting accessories.

To find out more about SuperDigitalCity and LensRentals new promotion, go online at or call 1-800-SDC-0878. Visitors can also connect socially with SuperDigitalCity at and, and read up on lenses, softboxes, and more at

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