Xsolla and ZipZap Partnership Allows Gamers to Pay for Virtual Currency with Cash

Partnership Will Help Gaming Publishers Expand Their Player Base to Tweens/Teens and Others Who Do Not Have a Credit Card or Bank Account, or Prefer to Pay with Cash

San Francisco, CA, January 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Xsolla, which offers more than 250 payment options to gaming publishers across the globe, announced today that they have partnered with ZipZap, Inc., an alternative payments company that enables cash transactions for online purchases. ZipZap's CashPayTM payment option enables those without bank accounts or credit cards to be able to pay for virtual currency in their favorite games using their extensive cash payment network, which includes over 700,000 payment centers worldwide.

At least 50% of the gamer population, especially tweens and teens, do not have access to traditional financial services (i.e., credit cards and banking), but still want to be able to pay for virtual currency in their favorite games. Others prefer to pay with cash because they are concerned about credit card safety and privacy of their personal information.

Adding ZipZap to Xsolla's vast list of payment solutions will help gamers to buy virtual currency using cash by simply visiting a local payment center, which includes banks, grocery stores, post offices, kiosks, convenience stores and more. ZipZap's CashPay is currently available as a payment option in Heroes of Newerth (S2 Games), Social Networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, and other games.

"We are very excited to partner with Xsolla, which is growing rapidly due to their knowledge and expertise in online and mobile game payments. They provide payment solutions to game publishers all over the globe, and we firmly believe that they are the right company to partner with for the online gaming industry," stated Alan Safahi, Founder and CEO of ZipZap, Inc.

Xsolla, which specializes in online games, offers both traditional and unique payment options to gaming publishers across the globe, including credit cards, online banking/direct payment, kiosks, mobile payments, cash, etc.- all with one agreement and one integration. Xsolla is unique in that it is the only payment solutions company that specializes in the gaming industry, consistently adding payment options that will help increase conversion for gaming publishers.

"Xsolla's goal is to add payment options that will help gaming publishers to offer their virtual goods to All gamers; therefore, we are always looking to partner with payment service providers that will extend possibilities for gaming publishers, allowing them to go beyond simple credit card payments to reach users in untapped markets,” stated Albert Donahue, VP and Co-Founder of Xsolla.

“Partnering with ZipZap will expand monetization options for the online gaming industry, helping our partners to reach tweens, teens and others who want to buy virtual currency in their favorite games, but cannot because they do not have a credit card or bank account to pay with, as well as those who simply prefer to pay with cash because they are worried about credit card safety and privacy. This is a huge, untapped market that includes over a billion people worldwide,” added Donahue.

About Xsolla
Xsolla specializes in online games, providing localized in-game payment solutions for global reach. Xsolla has been providing payment solutions with easy integration and high payment conversion rates for over 6 years. Xsolla's headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Xsolla partners with over 250 payment service providers offering credit and prepaid cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, cash and e-cash, payment kiosks and offers- all within one platform- with no installation, currency exchange or chargeback fees. Xsolla partners with more than 300 game publishers worldwide, including many of the leading casual and social game companies such as Valve Corporation (Steam), Aeria Games, S2 Games, Gameforge, Bigpoint, Wargaming.net and more. For more information or a free proposal, please visit Xsolla online at http://www.xsolla.com.

About ZipZap, Inc.
ZipZap, Inc. is the leading global cash transaction network enabling consumers to use cash to make online purchases, pay bills and top-up eWallets, prepaid cards and mobile accounts. Through a global network of over 700,000 payment centers, consumers can complete transactions in their neighborhood conveniently and easily using local currency. As an alternative payments provider, ZipZap is redefining the payment experience for more than one billion cash-preferred consumers worldwide. Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California with operations around the globe. For more information, visit http://www.zipzapinc.com.


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