Embracing the Future - HKSI Enhances Its Membership to Recruit Younger Members from a Wider Pool

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., February 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Since its establishment, the Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) has been growing from strength to strength with the support from institutions, practitioners and regulators in the finance industry. Over 70% of its members hold key management positions in their firms and some members are shifting their professional needs for networking. In response to this, the Institute has rolled out a number of new initiatives, including interest group gatherings and member experience sharing.

The Institute also desires to recruit younger practitioners and professionals and has re-positioned its Associate and Affiliate Memberships to attract more members from a wider pool.

Effective from 30 January, 2012, university graduates who have no industry experience can apply for Associate Membership (AHKSI) and progress to Ordinary Member (MHKSI) after attaining 3 years of industry experience. Full time students studying at universities or recognised institutions can apply for Affiliate Membership (HKSI Aff) and progress to Associate Member when they have attained the required qualification.

“Nurturing young talent is essential to the industry’s future. In the past few years, we have reached out to potential entrants in the finance industry through scholarship programmes and careers talks. With the new Associate and Affiliate Memberships in place, we are able to groom more young members and help them develop their careers in the finance industry,” says HKSI Chairman Mr Anthony Muh.

To serve these young members, the Institute plans to organise monthly member gatherings for experienced members to share their industry knowledge and career advice with them.

Apart from the monthly member gatherings, Associate or Affiliate Members can also attend selected member-only activities, professional training and events with a discount, and enjoy free access to HKSI e-seminars and bookstore discounts. Please visit HKSI website (www.hksi.org/membership) for detailed benefits and application procedure.

“The provision of Associate and Affiliate Memberships is to ensure a progressive membership structure relevant to young people who may not have sufficient industry experience,” explains HKSI Chief Executive Mr SF Wong.

“Fresh graduates, or new entrants to the industry who have attained the HKSI Practising Certificate, can join our ranks as Associate Member and enjoy our various membership services,” adds Mr Wong. “They can apply for progression to Ordinary Member after they have attained the required 3 years of industry experience.”

According to the latest information, the Institute’s 2,000 Ordinary and Fellow Members come mainly from the areas of securities, corporate finance, fund management and wealth management. Many of them are experienced professionals who contribute to the industry through their participation in the Institute. Their successful stories can be found in the “Member Profile” section in the HKSI website.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Mr SF Wong, Chief Executive on 3120 6288
Mr Kao, Se Fong, Manager – Corporate Communications on 3120 6159 / sfkao@hksi.org

About The Hong Kong Securities Institute
Hong Kong Securities Institute is a professional membership organisation established in 1997 for the securities and investment industry in the region.

Our vision is "To be the leading organisation in Greater China in promoting the standard of financial services by offering the highest quality professional examinations and training, and most valued and respected membership in the securities and investment industry."

Our mission is to:
* set standards of professional excellence and integrity for members and market participants, and to provide the means of attaining them;
* contribute to Hong Kong's role as a leading international finance centre; and
* broaden the membership of professionals and enhance the capabilities and reputation of members.

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