The Darker Days of Winter Don’t Have to Mean Darker Spirits for You

Treat Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder with BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamps

Jackson, MI, February 01, 2012 --( Seasonal Affective Disorder, also referred to as “SAD” or “the winter blues,” is a cyclic, seasonal type of depression that affects millions of Americans each year. There are two types of SAD, but the most common type is called winter-onset depression and symptoms typically begin to set-in during late fall or early winter and go away by summer. Loss of motivation, a desire to oversleep, feeling fatigued, the inability to tolerate stress, a desire to avoid social contact, and change in eating habits are symptoms of SAD and can result in depression and weight gain.

Although the precise causes of SAD are not fully understood, researchers have seen strong evidence that the reduced amount of daylight in the fall and winter disrupt our internal clocks, triggering mood swings and, occasionally, depression. What many sufferers of SAD may not be aware of is that it is treatable with the regular use of indoor lighting that mimics natural sunshine. BlueMax™ brand light therapy lamps from Full Spectrum Lighting Solutions, Inc. are particularly effective because they are scientifically proven to provide the recommended intensity of light that most closely replicates natural daylight.

For SAD sufferers, the changing of the seasons is often correlated with feelings of anxiety and depression. However, taking precautionary measures in advance can lessen these feelings. Studies show that light therapy is a solution to treating depression caused by the absence of sunlight. The medical industry recommends sitting in front of a 10,000 Lux (the recommended measurement of light intensity) light source for approximately 30 minutes a day. Light therapy products, such as BlueMax™ 70w light therapy desk and floor lamps have been proven effective in treating symptoms of SAD.

In addition to providing light therapy, BlueMax™ high-definition full spectrum lamps have the highest CRI on the market (96 with 100 being natural daylight) and a Kelvin temperature of 5900. The enhanced scotopic qualities increase visual acuity and its patented dimming system enables users to control the light levels throughout the day. So after your light therapy session, you can dim the light and continue using your patented BlueMax™ lamp as your primary reading or task light.

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. stands behind its BlueMax™ 70w desk and floor lamps by offering a lifetime warranty on parts and labor – making it a risk-free investment for people who suffer from SAD. Bring the light back in your life with BlueMax™.


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