Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Queendom.com Releases Results of Their Relationship Satisfaction Research

Queendom uncovers the most common thorny issues that impact a couple's level of satisfaction with their relationship.

Montreal, Canada, February 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Queendom.com, a pioneer in online personality, career, and IQ assessments, has delved into the intimate world of relationships. From sex and finances to division of responsibility and decisions, Queendom uncovers the aspects of relationships that couples are most and least satisfied with.

With over 26,000 test-takers to date, Queendom's Relationship Satisfaction Test has offered interesting insight into common issues that impact a couple's happiness, including feeling appreciated and loved, support and security, communication and sharing, dividing responsibilities and decisions, conflict resolution, sex, goal compatibility, quality time together, socializing as a couple, freedom, dependency issues, financial issues, and parenting issues.

For couples with children, the average score for overall relationship satisfaction (on a scale from 0 to 100) was 59. For couples without children, the average score was 71. Couples with children were most satisfied with the degree of support and security their partner offered, and the degree to which their life goals were compatible (score of 66 for both). Perhaps not surprisingly, the least satisfying aspect of their relationship was the lack of time spent together. Couples without children were most satisfied with the amount of love, support and security they experienced in their relationship, and were least satisfied with how decisions and responsibilities were divided. Interestingly, money issues overall were rather minor for both samples, although slightly higher for those with children (score of 45).

Gender comparisons reveal that for couples with children, men and women most differed on their level of satisfaction with the division of decisions and responsibility (score of 50 for women, 57 for men) and their sex life (score of 58 for women, 52 for men). For couples with children, men and women most differed on their level of satisfaction with the degree of freedom or independence they are "allowed" in their relationship, with men being less content than women (68 vs. 75).

There may also be some bit of truth to the idea of the "honeymoon phase". For both test groups (those with and without children), couples who have been together for five years or less were more satisfied with nearly every aspect of their relationship in comparison to those who have been together longer. Queendom's sample of parents who have been married between 6-11 years (around the proverbial time of the "7-year itch"), were least satisfied with the division of decisions and responsibilities in the relationship, the degree of freedom/independence, and socializing as a couple, and were more likely to have difficulty with conflict resolution and incompatibility of life goals. There is one ray of hope, however.

"We isolated people who stated that fighting is a major problem in their relationship and who have admitted to seeing a couple's counselor," explains Dr. Jerabek. "Those who experience a high degree of conflict with their partner and who have also sought counseling were the least satisfied with their relationship (score of 43), indicating that they are likely still working through some issues. Those who experience a high degree of conflict but have not sought counseling yet scored only slightly higher on satisfaction (score of 47). However, for those who have sought counseling and who indicated that fighting is not a problem in their relationship, the overall satisfaction score shoots up to 64. While we can't say with absolute certainty that counseling is the sole cause of this improvement, therapy may help improve the way partners relate to each other and hopefully, how they deal with the more thorny aspects of their relationship."

Those who wish to take the Relationship Satisfaction Test can go to:

http://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=1131 (couples with kids)

http://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=1132 (couples without kids)

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