New Gold Test XRF Analyzer Features Newest Detection Technology

Quickshot XRF releases a new X-ray Fluorescence analyzer developed for precious metal analysis with Silicon Drift Detection technology. The QSX-295Tplus provides 10 second measurement times with a high degree of accuracy on all metals.

Buffalo, NY, February 02, 2012 --( A leading supplier of x-ray fluorescence analyzers for precious metals analysis, QSX Instruments Inc, is pleased to announce the release of a new XRF Analyzer for this application. The new QSX-295Tplus enhances the benefits that other analyzers in the Quickshot XRF line provide and is the first to feature a Silicon Drift Detection system (SDD).

The new, “plus,” system is the evolution of the QSX-295T model; which has been the most popular Quickshot XRF analyzer for precious metal assay work. The addition of a higher resolution detector (SDD technology) in the QSX-295Tplus will provide users with increased precision at faster measurements speeds (10 seconds, compared to 30 seconds).

While other analyzers in the Quickshot XRF line have been most popular with buyers that are primarily focused on gold and silver, the combination of speed and precision this new system offers will make it most popular with buyers that are working with high volumes of a full range of metals and for precious metal refiners that look to XRF technology for screening method prior to a final fire assay.

“Thanks to the lines overall success and continued growth in this market, we are able to offer this SDD system at a very competitive price,” notes Scott Kramer, Sales Manager at QSX Instruments. “All of the Quickshot XRF analyzers are developed with two main goals – provide top performance and top value; the QSX-295Tplus provides both and is in a league of its own when compared to similar systems.”

All desktop analyzers in the Quickshot XRF line, including the QSX-295Tplus, are now available with a newly developed software package (released January 2012). The new software continues a focus on streamlined functionality and ease-of-use as it features single button measurements and has made the unique spectrum matching function an optional approach (turned on or off by the user).

QSX Instruments is a growing marketer and distributor of x-ray fluorescence technology. In addition to analyzers developed for gold testing and full precious metal assay, the line focuses on solutions for hazardous substance detection in consumer goods (per CPSIA and Prop-65). Visit for details on the organization, available analyzers and ED-XRF Technology overviews.

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Scott Kramer