Industrial Leaders Shows Its Commitment to the U.S. Manufacturing Industry by Supporting Virginia Manufacturers

Virginia's manufacturing community gets a much needed boost from U.S. industrial products promoter ILG.

Richmond, VA, February 03, 2012 --( Just like most state's across the country, Old Dominion has seen its share of lost manufacturing jobs and businesses closing its doors statewide. Industrial Leaders, promoter of a wide range of industrial products such as custom metal parts and plastic components wants to bring back those jobs and help manufacturers flourish again utilizing its custom manufacturing marketplace and trade portal in partnership with at According to the company, its website has grown to thousands of users daily in the market for machine/job shop services. spokesperson Kyle Taylor said in addition to promoting all kinds of industrial supplies, machines and equipment, the company is now marketing services from custom metal fabricators, jobbing shops, foundries, steel mills, mold makers and other companies specializing in precision CNC machining, custom metal fabrication, tool & die, OEM part manufacture, prototype design & production, part repair, machine rebuilding, steel fabricating and other capabilities at According to Mr. Taylor, ILG is committed to offering the widest variety of quick-turn-around custom manufacturing processes offered at affordable pricing.

“Industrial Leaders is proud to be working so closely with the American Machine Shops Network as their manufacturing network partner in effort to develop business opportunities for manufacturers based in and around Alexandria, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Newport News, Chesapeake, Hampton, Roanoke, Portsmouth and other cities across the Old Dominion,” said Taylor. He concluded, “Finding ways for U.S. manufacturers to compete with overseas competitors is a tough challenge, but one ILG is dedicated to pursuing because the company understands the importance of getting the U.S. manufacturing industry moving again.” Additional information on the company's custom metal fabrication and other services is available at

About Industrial Leaders

Founded in 2003, Industrial Leaders is a publisher of over 192 specialized industrial directories as well as several B2B marketplaces, forums, buying guides, social networking sites and other resources for the manufacturing community. The company focuses primarily on promoting U.S. manufacturers worldwide. Domestic and foreign companies looking to purchase industrial supplies, equipment and machinery utilize the site to locate suitable suppliers in the United States serving national and international markets at

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