O.C. Solutions Announces the Retail Release of the Ick-Stik Odor Blocker

Odor Blocking Technology Developed to Aid Firefighters and Other First Responders is Now Available to Consumers.

Sacramento, CA, February 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and Police are often required to work under unpleasant circumstances, but a Northern California company is providing First Responders with relief from at least one of these unpleasant exposures... offensive odor. O.C. Solutions has developed Ick-Stik, a first of its kind odor control product. The Product is available online at www.ick-stik.com, and in CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide (Source: O.C. Solutions).

In order to combat the powerful odors to which they are frequently subjected, First Responders and Medical professionals frequently turn to petroleum based vapor rub products. Frequent inhalation of petroleum based products may cause adverse health conditions over time. To aid First Responders, O.C. Solutions has developed Ick-Stik, a petroleum free odor control system, that effectively blocks offensive odors before they reach the nose.

In addition to First Responders, Individual consumers are discovering the benefits of Ick-Stik. Consumers can now find relief from odors at home, at work, while traveling, and in any circumstance where odors may be present.

O.C. Solutions LLC
Ben Betts