Assisting Home Owners Planning to Build a Wooden Deck

Assiting home homeowners with the process of adding a deck to thier home.

Zebulon, NC, May 17, 2007 --( With the rise in the real estate market, homeowners are looking for information on adding a deck to thier home. The reasons vary from increasing the value of thier property, adding an enjoyable space on thier home, rehabbing houses, the list goes on and on.

The goal of is to help homeowners with this process. The site provides basic points to consider, the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, an overview of the different materials to build a deck with, and cost consideration. It also provide links to other sites that provide free step by step guides to deck constrution and free deck plans.

The basics section is a good way for the homeowner to start planning a deck. With reminders to the importance of checking for underground wiring, checking building codes, having a plan to follow, and a basic tools list. This prepares the home owner for the upcoming task.

The pros and cons section provides the benefits and downfalls of hiring a contractor vs. building the deck themselves. Covering what type of insurance to check on the contractor, and the savings of doing it your self, and how to turn the savings into equity to the home.

The materials section covers the different decking materials used today. From composite decking to wood decking, and the best types of wood to use. They include the benefits of each, and the maintence involved to keep the deck looking its best for years to come.

The cost section is to provide the homeowner with an idea of the expense of a deck. If the homeowner desides to construct the deck themselves, they may be able to afford composite decking instead of a wood deck built by a contractor. They also include what maintenence is involved and the cost of performing it.

The goal of is to provide the homeowner with information on building a deck either by themself or by hiring a contractor.

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