Florida Author Releases New Book That Mixes Psychology, the Law of Attractions and Self Help Techniques

Author, Ahnalira Koan is pleased to announce her book, Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic: Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within. Life will always guide people to be the best they can be if they are willing to embrace the journey. Care and Feeding of Dragons offers a guide to people for empowering themselves and realizing their full potential.

Tampa, FL, February 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- "When I died," Ahnalira Koan begins... a head-on automobile accident and a near-death experience that resulted in the onset of type 1 diabetes, her life took a turn she didn't expect. Amid the struggles to assimilate her health changes, she found herself on a journey of awakening.

Transforming her personal tragedy into opportunity, Ahnalira learned how to embrace her fear of the "dragon within" and make it into, not only a friend, but a teacher as well. Everyone is evolving, and the more consciousness they can bring to the process, the more they can expand, explains Koan in her groundbreaking new book, Beyond The Law of Attraction to Align Within. Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confessions of a Diabetic.

Filled with techniques and tips to help readers navigate any challenges that come their way, Care and Feeding of Dragons shows that all the answers needed are within reach. Using her background in Jungian psychology, Law of Attraction and personal experience, Koan guides readers on a playful and engaging journey to becoming the best version of themselves possible. Ask for what they want. Learn to align all the parts of themselves- including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - and they can live a fulfilling life.

"I want readers to feel inspired and empowered to fully realize their own potential by reading about mine," Koan says. "And I would like them to find tips (bread crumbs, if you will) that make it easier for them to find their path to fulfillment."

Koan presents the Law of Attraction with a twist. She focuses on the personality patterns that may not be serving people and shows how and why they should deal with them. If they don't, she explains, they'll only get bigger. Learn to discover the patterns inside and "make them right," she advises. By responding with integrity and authenticity, anyone can shape their life the way they want it to be. Meditation, she suggests, can help clarify what it is really needed.

Book Information: Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic - Author: Ahnalira Koan - Publisher: CreateSpace - ISBN: 978-1466323360 - Pages: 160 - Published: November 2011

About The Author: Ahnalira Koan is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher and writer whose naturally empathic nature is especially tuned to issues of health and solutions aligned in balancing the mind and body. Koan's varied interests show in her eclectic career which includes stints as a web developer, a business consultant, an artist and a horse chiropractor in addition to more than 20 years professional experience in the field of human psychology. She also holds certification as a meditation teacher in the "Awakening the LightBody" technique. Koan is the creator of the "Meditations of Awakening" and the "Align Within" meditation series, both application series for Apple and Android devices. Koan resides in central Florida with three horses, three dogs, a cat and her partner in adventure, Alan.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at: Ahnalira Koan Email: ahnalira@ahnalira-connectedcounsel.com Website: http://www.ahnalira-connectedcounsel.com

Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic is available for purchase online through the author's website, from the publisher, Amazon.com, BN.com and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact Ingram for wholesale orders.

Author, Ahnalira Koan