Canadians Will Benefit from National Sarcoidosis Organization's Efforts

National Sarcoidosis Organization is Canadian based and has put forth the efforts to bring awareness and research about this disease to be more local in Canada. There are few to no resources in Canada and it is their mission to change that through offering support, awareness, resources and provide funds to medical research in our Canadian Medical research departments. The hope is to work with others in Canada as to helping with awareness and bring together fundraising efforts.

Sundre, Canada, February 08, 2012 --( (Sar-Coy-Doe-Sis) Sarcoidosis - Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease which can affect almost any organ in the body. It causes heightened immunity, which makes a persons immune system which normally protects the body from infections and disease, over react causing damage instead. This damage is a formation of granulomas which is a lump or group of cells that band together. When too many granulomas form it can cause scars where ever they may be present.

The disease most commonly targets lungs and lymph nodes, but can affect other organs such as eyes, heart, nervous system, kidneys, liver, muscles, bones, skin and basically any part of your body.

In 2012 the National Sarcoidosis Organization was founded to raise funds for research, provide resources and support for both patients and medical professionals.

They have an online website to provide resources, information as well as awareness and have started to make plans for nation wide events to raise funds for these.

The National Sarcoidosis Organization was founded by a patient of the disease who knows first hand all the struggles there are in Canada with the lack of knowledge and resources available. She has put forth an effort to have all of Canada proclaim Sarcoidosis Awareness Month in April as well as make the National Sarcoidosis Organization Canada's leading non profit organization to raise funds for research, awareness and support locally for Canadians.

The organization is always looking for volunteers and helpers across Canada to fullfil this goal and raise awareness.

There is no known causes or a cure for Sarcoidosis and that is what they hope to discover by providing the funds for research as well there are no Canadian organizations available other than the National Sarcoidosis Organization to bring the nation more resources and raise awareness.

Being Canadian brings great pride so show some support by helping the nation learn more about the disease of many faces called sarcoidosis.

National Sarcoidosis Organization
Melany Sealy