Indian Autorickshaw Challenge Introduces the Adopt-A-Village Program

Chennai, India, May 17, 2007 --( The countdown to the start of the 2007 Indian Autorickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress rally is nearing the critical 80 day mark, and the organisers are really gearing up their efforts to make sure the participants charitable contributions go exactly where they are needed. As if it wasn’t enough of a logistical feat to make sure that over 40 teams from around the world all get to the start line on time - with full accommodation and support services on standby – it is a far more complex and involved task to organise the humanitarian efforts of this rally. The dedicated rally staff remains undaunted, and certain that this year’s event will not only be more exciting and wilder than previous years, but will also represent a bigger humanitarian contribution than ever before.

Adopt A Village

The Indian Autorickshaw Challenge organisers are extremely proud to support the Adopt-A-Village program. This unique endeavour directly links the contributing participants to those villages most in need of their assistance. Prior to the race the teams will be put in contact with local leaders and experts from the chosen village, who will then advise them on what particular goods are most sorely needed. In the course of their road route, the intrepid rally drivers will stop at a specifically assigned village to meet with the local elders or authority to hand deliver the funds and resources they have collected prior to embarking. This direct link not only ensures that the participants have an immediate and personal appreciation of how their resources are used, but also ensure that not even a fraction of those resources goes towards needless administrative costs. Every single penny raised by the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge organisation after costs goes directly to charitable purposes.

Crucial Timing

Whilst the majority of teams have already fully signed up for the rally, there remain a few teams that have not yet fully registered. Whilst the organisers are well equipped to deal with enrolling team’s right up to the last minute, this can make it hard for late arrival groups to raise as much resources for donations they might have wanted for their adopted village. There are still a little over 80 days left on the countdown, which is the recommended amount of time for teams to engage in fund raising activities. The organisers will be very happy to help late-comers work out the best ways of raising funds, provide letters of validation, and have even set up special kits to give ideas. This partnership between the participants and the organisers will make a real difference to the lives of countless Indian children with Adopt-A-Village.

The Adopt-A-Village program is at the very heart of the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge, every bit as much as the spirit of wild adventure. As the start days draws closer a better and clearer picture emerges of just how fantastic and important the humanitarian contribution is going to be this year. Indian Autorickshaw Challenge 2007 is going to be spectacular in every way possible.

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Indian Autorickshaw Challenge
Aravind Bremananadam, Lead Organizer