MediConsult’s Medical Consultant is Visiting London

Still afraid of cosmetic surgery abroad? Meet MediConsult’s consultant Nina Manduk in London.

London, United Kingdom, May 17, 2007 --( Nina Manduk, independent medical consultant specialising in cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics and dental treatment abroad is visiting London between 19th and 22nd of May. This visit is the answer to increased interest in treatment in Poland. "I had so many inquiries from the United Kingdom that I decided to visit London and meet clients interested in treatment in Poland," said Nina Manduk.

The increase in trust in Poland as a country covered by the regulations and standards of the European Union, positive opinions about Polish doctors, of which at least hundreds already work in western countries, activation of many low cost airlines to Poland as well as significantly lower cost of the actual surgery, caused that many citizens of the "old Union", interested in surgery, started seriously considering coming to Poland and here undergo plastic or orthopaedic surgery.

"My company is the answer for such a demand. I going to London to meet prospective clients, show testimonials, surgeons' certificates and 'before' and 'after' photos. Most of my patients are more confident after such a meeting," says Nina.

The Polish private medical sector offers very high quality service which is just as safe as in western countries. Many surgeons work partially for Polish clinics and partially in the UK. MediConsult services dozens of patients a month. The most popular surgeries are breast enlargement, liposuction, abdominoplasty (so called tummy tuck) and facelift. Patients benefits from the difference in price which e.g. amounts to 4000 euro and more comparing breast enlargement prices in Poland and the UK.

Nina Manduk MediConsult
Nina Manduk