RateGenius Loan Services Begins 2012 with Over 100 Lenders Nationally - Auto Refinance Opportunities - Part of Many Financial Institutions New Year Growth Strategies

Austin, TX, February 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Last year proved to be hugely successful for RateGenius as they grew exponentially and welcomed 100 new lenders onto their already established auto-refinance program. With the developed national lender network, RateGenius has helped nearly 11,000 customers save money by funding over $2 Billion in Auto Refinance loans. This year, projections continue to look up for the Austin, TX based Corporation.

For lending institutions such as Carolina Collegiate, the program has offered a new resource for capturing market share and building a well performing consumer loan portfolio. CEO, Anne Shivers says, “RateGenius has brought us a strong auto refinance program that has increased our loan volume around $300,000 to $400,000 per month. They handle the majority of the process for us, and make things as efficient as possible for our staff to underwrite and fund new loans.” RateGenius handles all interaction with the potential borrower to complete the application and close the loan, as well as following up on the title. They provide loans within the Lender’s designated guidelines. “RateGenius knows how to turn an application into a booked loan. They are successful with exactly what we hope for with our in-house program,” states Shivers.

Because of the vast lender network, RateGenius has been able to serve over 103,500 customers since 1999, with average rate savings of 3.65%. Chris Brown, President and CEO of RateGenius, says, “2011 was a pivotal year for our company because of the growth in all three of our businesses: The refinance business with its addition of 100 lenders, the Insurance company which continues to develop, and certainly the success of our software, which has been refined, optimized and deployed in financial institutions across the nation.”

With his sights set on continued growth, Chris has implemented internal improvements to strategically further expand the products and services offered the increasing lender platform. Enhancements to the business, including a new location and additions to the management team, will continue to drive the RateGenius Corporation in their pursuit to become an all service solution to lenders looking to succeed.

About RateGenius
RateGenius, INC. partners with credit unions and banks, as well as national lending institutions, providing customers with one of the most financially stable and diverse lending networks in the industry.

RateGenius: Genius Ideas, Brilliant Solutions. For more information, visit www.RateGenius.com

RateGenius has funded over 103,500 loans since 1999, and is currently serving customers in 47 states.

Patrice Williams
Lender Coordinator