Fitness Device Bypasses Arms and Legs, Empowers Obese, Disabled and Elderly

New device, "Body Oars" from High Efficiency Fitness Company, Columbus, gives the elderly obese and disabled a stout way to exercise their body core.

Columbus, OH, May 17, 2007 --( How do you exercise your body if your arms and or legs are injured, disabled or even missing? That is the question inventor Steven Craig believes his new company’s first product “Body Oars” will answer.

With the help of another company, American Orthopedics, that has custom fit devices on humans for over 30 years, Mr. Craig is opening an exercise equipment company called, High Efficiency Fitness to build his Body Oars and a few other “Bionic Exercise Devices” that he has also invented.

“It is very simple,” he says, “As most exercise equipment manufactures do great job of improving old ways, we began by applying simple structural engineering principles to the most common motions of the human body, without considering traditional methods or devices. After realizing that no one had ever done this before we knew we had to open It was like reinventing human fitness from a clean sheet of paper.”

Steven frequently quotes this “Principle of Chains” as a prime example. “If you load a chain that has both big strong and little weak links, the big strong ones will never approach their lifting potential because those little links will maximize far sooner.”

“The human body is no different, the body core muscles and joints are much larger and stronger then the knees elbows hands and feet yet almost every exercise we still do to strengthen our core muscles places the load in our hands or under our feet. This means that our body core muscles have never before approached their exercise potential.”

“The reason why Body Oars are perfect for huge people, athletes and the disabled, is every user must wear a life jacket or body harness to free their legs and arms from body support duty, (dog paddling, swimming) just to use them. It is not possible to swim in body oars. Once floating in a life Jacket body weight is neutralized, so the body core muscles can drive as much resistance as they can instead of having their bones fight it.” Craig claims.

“Essentially Body Oars turn the extremities into solid levers, (extending the huge links) driving as much weight resistance as their biggest muscles can handle from one end of their motion range to the other.”

“People never realized this before but our knees elbows and every muscle and joint beyond them act like governors restricting truck motors, once the governors are bypassed the motor, or the body core muscles, can apply all they have to offer. Body Oars unleash the body’s power the same way, and as a bonus the ability to walk, swim or even stand up is not needed.”

“This means a 1000 pound person who is bedridden can now get a powerful full body workout in an environment that is far more comfortable then any bed can ever be.”

Mr. Craig and his company are already building custom fit lower versions and they expect to offer several ‘generic sized’ upper body versions over the next few months. You can learn more about Body Oars and see a video clip of Steven driving an early prototype at You can contact Steven at

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