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Bayer Takes Off with New Ways to Reduce Dry-to-Fly Time

New Orleans, LA, February 17, 2012 --( Time is money. Current coatings used on aircraft require 72 hours to cure before the plane can be moved outside the hangar. Therefore, there is a desire in the industry to increase productivity and efficiency by decreasing the “dry-to-fly” time. Bayer MaterialScience LLC scientists have determined that UV-curable polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) meet the flexibility, chemical-resistance and weatherability specifications that result in decreased curing time and increased productivity.

The scientists formulated and tested UV-curable PUDs as possible alternatives to currently used aerospace topcoats. Aerospace coatings must be able to resist a wide variety of chemicals (jet fuel, motor oil and hydraulic fluid) while maintaining flexibility to prevent cracking over a wide temperature range. In addition to chemical resistance, coatings that meet industry needs also require a balance of flexibility, weatherability and water resistance.

Bayer’s Todd Williams, senior associate scientist, discussed these findings when he presented “UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions for Aerospace Topcoat Applications” as part of the UV track at 9:00, Thursday, February 16, in Preservation Hall A during the Waterborne Symposium 2012. Williams’ presentation is based on a paper of the same name co-authored by Charles Gambino, R&D specialist; and Michael Dvorchak, strategic technology manager of UV-cure oligomers & PUDs and government programs, all of Bayer MaterialScience LLC; and former Bayer employee, Katrina Callen.

Williams reviewed the performance of formulations based on UV-curable PUDs with respect to their physical, chemical and aesthetic requirements. According to Williams, “Based on our research, we determined that UV-PUD binders are a promising technology for the aerospace coatings market.”

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