iBusinessMafia is Here to Take Business Networking to the Next Level

Starting in early 2012, ibusinessmafia will use the traditional business networking concepts to create a mafia-style business model that would be entertaining and exciting. Some of the network marketing concepts will be added to generate income for all the members.

Seattle, WA, February 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In recent times, a business needs greater support in order to survive in the midst of tough competitors. It has to be supported well by clients, suppliers and partners who would provide a strong foundation for the business to achieve its objectives. Earlier, businesses had to organize certain events to meet interesting people who would end up becoming business partners or suppliers. Today, the virtual world has opened new avenues for business networking with the help of websites that save time and costs of businesses. They offer the same benefits as the traditional trade fairs and other such events that are used to find reliable partners, suppliers and clients.

ibusinessmafia.com is one such website that offers tremendous opportunities to share new business ideas, new ventures, real estate projects and other opportunities. This will be done in an entertaining and revolutionary way to change the usual set-up of a business organization that has a CEO, managers and subordinates. This mafia-style network will have 5 'Dons' as the heads of the organization and 50 'Families.' There would be one family for each state with a boss, underboss, capo, soldiers and associates. This unusual type of hierarchy will not have any criminal elements to the organization as the names indicate.

The website will market the existing products or business services that are already well-established. It will also fund small businesses, commercial real estate and finance businesses. Once each 'family' is established, they shall manage the business and support the family. Each member will begin with a free membership and would be considered as an associate under a family in a particular state. 'Crews' can be from each city within the state and all the meetings between families and their heads will be held online to discuss new ideas and strategies. 'Ceremonies' would be held to celebrate the success of a member of the family.

For supporting this new style of business networking, ibusinessmafia is looking for investors who would fuel this ambitious project. This would include a website and mobile application developed for mobile integration. The potential for this project to become viral is tremendous. This will also help in expanding the business beyond a particular geographic location. The greatest advantage of this project is that all the business will be held online without the need to organize special events. For more information about the website and all the exciting stuff to come soon, visit www.ibusinessmafia.com

IBusiness Mafia
Kyle Kossen