- "Woman Behind The Mom" is a sphere of motherhood, conceptualized and developed with objective to provide "Woman behind the Mom" a unique platform to unite. assist women to connect, share knowledge and learn from experiences of each other.

Mumbai, India, February 19, 2012 --( Welcome today, Ace Media & Marketing is launching an exclusive website conceptualized and developed with true dedication to motherhood. The company intends to present arena for mothers from diverse walks of life to connect, share knowledge, and learn from experiences of each other in regards to parenting and childcare. The continuous struggle to balance between the family life and career objectives makes it tough on women. With drive for living in the fast lane attitude, lifestyle, career driven, nuclear family model, economic and personal reason combined compels most women to join the business world. This leads to intense responsibilities being bestowed upon on women from business world and family.

In most cases women face the challenge in communicating various issues related to pregnancy, child birth, newborn, toddlers, and pre-school childcare in order to seek help. Women feel the need to acquire knowledge and gain expertise in the area of childcare and parenting to be able to provide adequate care for her child. This leads women to connect with her available resourses like parents, friends, family members, books, medical professionals, and the internet. presents an essential platform for women to have a structured and reliable venue full of information to openly share views, exchange expertise, and connect with others in the similar situations to make motherhood delightful experience. emerges to address the growing demand of women, suffering due lack of an informational platform to discuss parenting and childcare issues. is loaded with features categorized in group menus. In the mom and child menu, any individuals may seek information on wide subjects in regards to motherhood and childhood. In the group and post section an individual may create groups and search groups based on individual preferences. Also, this menu offers individuals the chance to search or invite friends to join the network. With a specific group called health and wellness, individuals are open to post and search recipes based on preference, taste, culture, holiday seasons. Also, it covers the home remedies for various health issues. Women particularly have passion for shopping and look for ways to save on shopping. Therefore, the deals and savings menu is designed to provide information on various products with savings coupons offers from the brands. Besides this, offers a section full of helpful tools essential calculators for women to help with childcare. target audience includes, but not limited to young mothers, women in general, professional women, grandmothers, and men with intention to make parenthood memorable experience. It is believed that creating awareness about product or service is a key element to a successful marketing campaign and most important is consumer experience. With this in mind the team strives hard to create awareness among the target audience about launch. Also, they appreciate the honor to have the audience as part of their launch campaign. Effectiveness of the campaign and hard work of the team members shall result in the success of the site that is destined in the hands of end users. They appreciate any feedback to improve the services.

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Ace Media & Marketing is backed by team of highly talented individuals with over decades of experience in the field of marketing financial products and services. Seasoned management team, proprietary technology and extensive experience in managing online marketing campaigns across all channels enable the team to deliver extraordinary number of customers to our clients while maintaining the highest quality standards. At the foundation of every decision and action exercised by is an unwavering commitment to business ethics, integrity and client satisfaction.

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