Avanoo, Inc. Announces Beta Launch

Venice, CA, May 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Avanoo (www.avanoo.com), a social media startup, announces its private beta launch. Avanoo is a new breed of social media company that uses a cutting-edge theory and technology called the Wisdom of Communities to let people answer questions of opinion or perspective, and then get unprecedented insight into different communities.

For example, on Avanoo, users might vote on whether they approve of Bush's job performance. Then, after voting, they can find out how any of millions of communities answer. Do Asians approve? What do Jewish Californians who make over $150,000 think? Or how about women between the ages of 25 and 34? Using Avanoo, wisdom from relevant communities is finally within reach.

“The Wisdom of Communities has the potential to spur a tremendous advance in communication,” says Avanoo co-founder Dan Jacobs. “Using Avanoo, people can look to relevant communities for better advice, content, information, and knowledge. For the first time, we can replace stereotypes and generalizations with real wisdom accessible by everyone.”

To learn more about Avanoo's technology and theory, you can read the Wisdom of Communities Manifesto (http://www.avanoo.com/doc/manifesto/wisdom-of-communities-latest.pdf), or go to the Avanoo website.

Company Overview:
Avanoo is the product of a months-long philosophical discussion between founders Dan and Wilford. The resolution came in the form of their Wisdom of Communities theory. Once verbalized, they spent the next twelve months in a 700 square-foot apartment creating a technology sufficiently robust to test the theory. Now that the technology is built, they are excited about introducing the Wisdom of Communities to the world.

Avanoo was officially founded in May 2006. The company received an angel round of financing in April 2007, led by Morten Lund (LundKenner Investments), Jeff Bader (EVP at ABC), Sam Bronfman (Chairman, Global Wines for Diageo), Glenn Fielding (CEO of public Australian IT company DWS), Brooks Fisher (EVP at Intuit), and Eric Gerritsen (Principal of Global Seed Capital).

Avanoo, Inc.
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