SITL India Aims to Add Value to the India Growth Story

Mumbai, India, February 20, 2012 --( SITL India, the trade show and summit for the transport, logistics and supply chain sectors will open its doors on 23rd February 2012 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. SITL India offers a platform for transport, logistics and supply chain solutions providers who cater to the entire value chain of the Indian manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors.

Over 75 exhibitors from 12 countries will exhibit at this first edition of SITL India and approximately 60 per cent of these are international. The exhibitor profile ranges from ports to logistics players, warehouses, transport companies, distri-parks; IT companies to finance companies, solutions providers, etc. The high level of international participation will help foster dialogue between global players with access to cutting edge technology, know how, processes and systems and Indian companies looking to replicate their success.

While speaking of what can be expected at this first edition of SITL India, Delphine Lemaire, managing director, Reed Exhibitions India, said, “With each launch event, we cater to the needs of that country. In mature markets, our shows evolve clusters on related sectors; we have buyer delegations, specialised conferences, etc. In India, the emphasis, at least for the first few years, will be on creating networking opportunities. As the industry matures, we will evolve to keep pace with it.”

Ms. Lemaire added that since SITL India caters to such a broad demographic, it offers innumerable learning opportunities. “For example, if you are from the food and beverage sector, you could, possibly, learn best practices from the pharma or jewellery industry. The potential for a cross pollination of ideas is phenomenal. Also, India is in a very nascent space in its transport and logistics and supply chain sectors. For local companies, given the number of multi-nationals participating, it is an opportunity to learn from more mature markets and adapt those ideas to local conditions. For multi-nationals, India is an opportunity for growth. A win-win situation for all the stakeholders,” she explained.

The SITL India Summit 2012: 23rd - 24th February

Held alongside SITL India, the Summit features a two-day programme, with KPMG as Knowledge Partners, that will bring together leading global experts from industry, commerce and the political and institutional worlds, who will offer insights into current trends and emerging patterns in the transport and logistics domain. The Summit is broken down into four industry specific modules, to enable attendees to focus on the sessions of interest to them.

Individual modules will include an overview of the Indian transport and logistics industry, opportunities in shipping, optimising the supply chain for higher efficiency, leveraging technology and automation to enhance profitability, emerging opportunities in the transport and logistics sectors, as well as avenues of development.

Day 1 features a module on the Indian Transport and Logistics Sector, specifically the shipping and ports opportunity. The Theme Session, Forecasting the demand, supply and trends 2012 -2015, will be delivered by Manish Saigal, KPMG in India, while the second module on Day 1 focuses on the emerging opportunities for the logistics sector. Module 3 on Day 2 is dedicated to optimising the supply chain for higher efficiency in pharma and retail sectors and the last module, on Day 2 will discuss the various ways of leveraging technology and automation to enhance profitability.

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The Indian logistics sector:

The Indian logistics sector is one of the most promising sectors of India’s new economy and has been growing at a steady 8 per cent annually and logistics expenditure in India accounts for 13 per cent of the GDP, which roughly translates to USD 130 billion. The logistics cost to the GDP ratio is much higher than that of the most developed countries and considering its relatively nascent nature, the potential for growth is unparalleled. Though nascent and not as technologically-advanced as its Western counterparts, the sector is creating a huge buzz globally by virtue of its sheer size and potential for growth. The sector is likely to cross the USD 200 billion mark in the year 2020, fuelled by the consistent growth of the economy, especially in key industries such as retail, automotive, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. To keep pace with this growth, Indian companies will not only necessitate better logistics practices, but also significant investments in various aspects of their businesses.

When speaking about the decision to bring an event like SITL to India, Delphine said, “The timing for an event that covers the entire value chain has never been more relevant than in the current times. That the India story is a huge success at a macro level cannot be denied. A steady GDP growth and demographic indicators that 70 per cent of the Indian population will be of employment age by 2025 will only serve to double or even triple current consumption levels. But we have miles to go before we can say the same for micro picture, which is very complex, fragmented and not equipped to shoulder or help sustain such growth. India’s growth while significant, has not reached its true potential solely because of these micro roadblocks, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure and services. India’s economy will grow exponentially only when the infrastructure, transport and logistics keep pace with the needs of the manufacturing and service industries. All stakeholders in the transportation, logistics and supply chain ecosystem including the logistic providers, shipping companies, 3PL providers, cold chain, warehouses, etc, will have to invest and work together to make the India story a success.

“However, for most companies in India these investments are an expensive proposition and very little support is available to companies who want to implement these technologies. Our mission, for The SITL India Summit is to offer companies in India an educational platform that will help them evaluate their strategies, educate themselves on their options and leverage those best suited to growing their business and profits. For example, India ought to be self-reliant when it comes to its food supply, but every day, there are reports of tonnes of fruits and vegetables or even grain being discarded as there is no efficient means of getting it to the market or that the supply chain is flawed. Think of a scenario where this is not so.

“Our core trade show format and focus on business networking ensures that visitors and conference delegates can also spend their time at the show getting to know the companies whose products and services they are interested in. The mix of Indian and international exhibitors also ensures that our visitors have a global and local perspective on all aspects of this industry,” she said.

About the SITL brand:
SITL is the acronym for Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique, and translates to International Week of Transport and Logistics. The mother brand SITL, was first launched in France and developed from an annual conference organised by the Shippers Association in France. In the early 80s, logistics solutions for companies became the focus of the event. Today, SITL is the industry event for any commercial or industrial company looking for solutions that will optimise transport costs, reduce delivery lead time, and improve quality of services. SITL has become the place for networking, thinking and commercial exchanges between all the various stakeholders along the value chain. The 2012 edition in March will feature over 700 exhibitors. There are 5 global SITL events and the evolution continues. As markets mature the show adapts accordingly to meet the needs of its participants, as with the recent addition of the e-Logistics hub or the satellite event Eco logistics at the French edition of the event.

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SITL Summit Programme

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