FEECO Lab: A Showpiece for Control Automation

FEECO International has announced the upgrade of their lab facility into a showpiece for process control automation and data collection.

Green Bay, WI, February 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- After much renovation, the upgrade to FEECO’s lab facility is complete. The upgrade, which was completed at the end of December, was a complete overhaul of the power distribution system, data collection technology, and control system. FEECO is now the proud owner of the latest technology from Rockwell Automation by Allen Bradley. This upgrade will put FEECO at the top of the process industry in terms of technology, safety, efficiency, and data collection.

While the upgrade includes many impressive safety features and flexibility in electrical set-up, perhaps the most exciting part of the FEECO lab upgrade, is the upgrade to a state-of-the-art Rockwell PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller. The FEECO lab now gives operators and remote engineers the ability to monitor, control, and record data and settings in real-time, or at a later time for review. This data collection will allow for fine-tuning processes via real-time trending of variables and how they interact, such as product feed rate, temperatures, liquid flow, among others.

Aside from huge advancements in data collection, this lab will have a big advantage for customers. In the past, FEECO had recommended control systems to customers, but now, customers will be able to see their material running through FEECO’s lab with a system similar to what they would be using. In essence, customers will be able to see the whole system and how it works with their material.

FEECO’s lab runs as a testing and tolling facility, with the ability to run one piece of equipment, or an entire continuous process loop.

FEECO International, Inc
Stephanie Balza