FEECO to Exhibit at MINExpo

FEECO International will be exhibiting at this year’s MINExpo, in Las Vegas, Nevada. - September 20, 2012

FEECO Teams Up with IC Potash

FEECO International is part of a team assembled by IC Potash Corp. to complete a Feasibility Study for their Ochoa Project in Lea County, New Mexico. - July 19, 2012

FEECO Featured in Insight Magazine

Feeco International, an engineering and manufacturing company was featured in Insight on Manufacturing for their success in export markets. - June 26, 2012

FEECO International Celebrates Earth Day

FEECO International is celebrating Earth Day as it would any other day: by treating each day as if it were Earth Day. - April 25, 2012

FEECO to Exhibit at Powder Show

FEECO International, a pioneer in equipment and process design & optimization, will be exhibiting at the 2012 Powder Show. - April 16, 2012

FEECO International Commemorates 61 Years

FEECO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of agglomeration, thermal processing, material handling and waste processing solutions, is proudly celebrating their 61st year in business. - March 17, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Visits FEECO International

Tuesday, February 28, Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, visited FEECO International, to talk about the importance that mining holds for companies like FEECO, and for people all around the state. - March 16, 2012

FEECO Lab: A Showpiece for Control Automation

FEECO International has announced the upgrade of their lab facility into a showpiece for process control automation and data collection. - February 22, 2012

FEECO Offers Free Feasibility Tests

FEECO’s state-of-the-art lab facility offers “free of charge” agglomeration feasibility tests for customers in need of material solutions or process optimization. - February 02, 2012

FEECO Featured in Fertilizer International

Feeco International, Inc., located in Green Bay, WI, was recently featured in the fertilizer industry’s leading publication, “Fertilizer International.” - January 25, 2012

FEECO International Recognized for Achievement in Sustainability

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council recognizes FEECO International, Inc. as a “Green Professional” under the Green Masters Program. - December 25, 2011

FEECO Releases Frac Sand Site

Feeco International, Inc., located in Green Bay, WI, has announced the launch of www.WhatIsFracSand.com, a site aimed at answering the FAQ’s around frac sand. - October 22, 2011

FEECO and Where Did You See Me Announce Winners for First Contest

Winners are announced as the partnership between FEECO International and Where Did You See Me for the rotary ore drum contest comes to a close. - September 16, 2011

FEECO International Commemorates 60 Years in 2011

FEECO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of agglomeration, thermal processing, material handling and waste processing solutions, is proudly celebrating their 60th year in business. - March 18, 2011

FEECO Home Town Traditions are Rewarded Super Bowl Monday

The FEECO Tradition - hard work, teamwork, and commitment to excellence will be celebrated Feb. 7, 2011 - January 26, 2011

FEECO International Unleashes Virtual Lab for Customers

Customers can now watch their material being tested at the FEECO Lab online without having to travel. - October 18, 2010

FEECO Proudly Sponsors “Green Innovations 2010” on Earth Day

FEECO proudly supports the 2nd annual Green Innovations 2010 hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on April 22-23, 2010. - April 21, 2010

FEECO International Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary

FEECO International, one of the world’s leading suppliers of agglomeration, thermal processing, material handling and waste processing solutions, are proud to announce their 59th year in business. - April 09, 2010

FEECO International Provides Solutions Minimizing Phosphate Contaminations in Water Shed

FEECO has developed solutions to minimize and control Phosphates from entering the watershed via Agricultural, Municipal, and Industrial processes. - July 08, 2009

FEECO Organics Has Solutions to Waste Problems

FEECO International has been developing and implementing solutions to minimize environmental damage and fuel innovation in developing an ecocentristic solution to optimize their customers municipal, industrial, and agricultural biosolids disposal needs. - June 12, 2009

FEECO International Celebrates 58th Anniversary Embracing Environmental Concerns

FEECO Celebrates its 58th Anniversary while working on developing process and equipment solutions aimed at providing an Eco-Centric viewpoint to the Environment. - March 25, 2009

FEECO Bridges the International Communication Gap

FEECO integrates Google Translation to their website for international visitor communication. - January 17, 2009

FEECO Launches Newly Designed Corporate Website

FEECO an industry leader of material handling, thermal processing and agglomeration equipment & solutions is proud to announce the launch of its newly enhanced corporate website, www.FEECO.com. “FEECO is so much more than an equipment company…we’re a complete solutions... - July 02, 2008

FEECO Team Journeys to Phosphates 2008

FEECO International heads off to exhibit at Phosphates 2008 in Paris, France. - February 13, 2008

FEECO International Launches Global Manufacturing Network

FEECO creates new Manufacturing Marketplace to help “Bring Global Relationships Together.” - February 12, 2008

FEECO International’s on the Road in 2008

FEECO releases dates of shows and conferences they will be appearing at in 2008. - December 28, 2007

FEECO Takes Part in the 2007 IBA Conference & Workshop

FEECO International attends the 2007 Institute for Briquetting & Agglomeration Conference - December 02, 2007

FEECO International to Exhibit at the 2007 International Distillers Grain Conference

FEECO will be exhibiting at the 2007 IDGC – International Distillers Grain Conference this weekend - October 20, 2007

FEECO International Featured in US Industry Today Magazine

FEECO International, Inc. a Wisconsin based business is featured in the US Industry Today Magazine. The article entitled “Fertile Business” is based on how FEECO has added innovative value to a re-vitalized ethanol industry - September 27, 2007

FEECO International Headed to 20th Ethanol Conference & Tradeshow

FEECO will be exhibiting at the ACE Show in St. Paul, MN in August - July 29, 2007

FEECO International to Exhibit at the 2007 Fuel Ethanol Expo

FEECO will be exhibiting at the 2007 FEW show in St. Louis this month - June 14, 2007

FEECO International Releases Innovative Ethanol Site

FEECO International announces a new Ethanol site which features current ethanol news, videos, blog, ethanol plant map and more! - May 18, 2007

FEECO International Reveals New Photo Library

FEECO International releases new photo library on their website. - February 23, 2007

FEECO International, Inc. Launches New Forum to Offer More One-on-One Support to Customers

FEECO has added a forum to their website to allow more personal communication with customers - December 19, 2006

FEECO International Receives Federal Award for Exporting Success

FEECO International Received Exporting Success Award on November 3, 2006. - November 09, 2006

FEECO International Implements Skype Technology On Website

You can now call FEECO from their website. - June 23, 2006

FEECO International Celebrates 55 years of Innovative Solutions

In 2006 FEECO International proudly celebrates 55 years of Engineering and looks forward to many more. FEECO has been supplying companies globally with their technology driven equipment. - May 02, 2006

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