Atwood Forest Products Opens Crane Mat Manufacturing Facility in Pennsylvania

Cedar Springs, MI, February 22, 2012 --( Atwood Forest Products, a major supplier of hardwood products, has just opened a new facility in January of 2012 in Pennsylvania to manufacture hardwood crane mats. The demand for crane mats in that area of the country has increased and they are now able to help supply the companies that need them. In just the first month alone Atwood has shipped over 3,000 crane mats.

Crane mats are a very essential items in many situations. Cranes and heavy equipment used to install and/or repair utility lines and pipelines or clean up environmental spills from faulty pipelines must navigate over wetlands where roads do not exist, thus the use for the crane mat. A road is constructed by laying crane mats side by side and sometimes in multiple layers for the equipment to maneuver over, creating a roadway to otherwise inaccessible lands.

Six years ago Atwood Forest Products experienced a major fire, which destroyed much of their main mill, located in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Decisions were made to rebuild with new state of the art equipment, setting up a sawmill to produce higher volumes of green graded lumber. Now, just 6 years later the mill has grown substantially and the opening of the new facility in Pennsylvania has allowed them to keep up with customer demand.

Atwood Forest Products is not just limited to crane mat production. They provide many green hardwood products, including veneer logs, green graded lumber and bark and mulch.

Atwood Forest Products
Justin Razmus