Greaves Corporation Announces the All-Aluminum PTA Series Pin Adapter

Clinton, CT, February 23, 2012 --( Greaves Corporation announces the all-aluminum PTA Series Aluminum Pin Adapter to complete the family of aluminum-barrel pin adapters.

The PTA adapter is designed to be installed on an aluminum cable which has been up-sized for any of a variety of reasons, such as to reduce voltage drop in a long cable run. In many cases, and especially with aluminum cable, the wire-port of the gear is smaller than the over-sized cable. This dual-rated compression-type pin adapter consists of an aluminum barrel and concentric pin of solid aluminum, and is provided with oxide-inhibitor compound in the barrel and a flexible insulating cover.

When installed, the PTA presents a reduced aluminum pin to fit into the lug or gear. Since the pin is aluminum, the PTA adapter is suitable only where the pin will be landed into an aluminum terminal lug (because copper/bronze lugs must not be used on aluminum cable). For example, the PTA500 accepts 500MCM cable (aluminum or copper) and the solid aluminum pin is equivalent in size to 350MCM. So, this adapter is suitable for an aluminum lug which accepts 350MCM. The PTA series is available in sizes for wire from #1/0 AWG (with #2AWG concentric aluminum pin) thru 750MCM (with 500 MCM concentric aluminum pin).

The Greaves family of aluminum pin adapters also includes the PTO series, which is similar to the PTA but the pin is offset so the adapter can be rotated to allow multiple wires to be closely grouped. The bi-metallic PT series provides an aluminum barrel with stranded copper concentric pin which can be installed into a copper/bronze lug.

Greaves Corp. also offers all-copper pin adapters. The PT-R series is for copper Class B (THHN) wire and the PT-FX series for copper high-strand flex/DLO cable.

Greaves is a full-line manufacturer of connectors for the electrical construction trade. For more information, visit the website at, or call 1-800-243-1130. Greaves Corporation is located at 11 Heritage Park, Clinton, CT 06413, USA.

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Tom Speer