Employers' Associations Choose Content Management System from e-Spirit

New CMS for efficient realization of personalized websites.

Dortmund, Germany, February 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Employers’ Associations for the Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Industries (vbm and bayme) and the Bavarian industry association (vbw) have selected the content management system (CMS) FirstSpirit from e-Spirit (www.e-Spirit.com). FirstSpirit prevailed in the selection process based on its user-friendliness, extensive out-of-the-box functionalities, and its integration capability with existing applications. The associations plan to use the new system to realize time- and cost savings through an optimized, high-performance content management system, the efficient reuse of content for different clients on a standardized system, and the simple publishing of that content to various channels such as the web, mobile devices, social networks, and newsletters. The websites are scheduled to migrate to the new system by August 2012. The project is being led by e-Spirit's Munich-based partner i-telligence.

Enhanced service quality through targeted content for specific groups

For the associations the websites serve as the central information and communication platform for their member companies, for the interested public, the media, politics, and other associates. In addition to obtaining information, members have access to a wide range of services there with tools and databases. These include, e.g., a raw materials check, a sustainability check, a demographics check, the "Companies + Products" presentation platform, and a database of private equity firms.

As a central platform, the FirstSpirit CMS will combine this content and publish it along with the editorial content created with the CMS through the desired channels: on the individual websites with a secured member area, on social networks, on smartphones, or in a personalized newsletter. Here users benefit from extensive information and service offerings which can be carefully tailored to their specific interests. If they have logged on to the website with their member data, for example, then in the future they will receive relevant event updates matching their profile by region, interest, authorization status, etc.

Intuitive content management

The efficient content management made possible by the excellent user-friendliness of FirstSpirit, and the resulting reduction of support requirements, were important criteria in the selection of the system. Even occasional editors can work intuitively with the CMS. The FirstSpirit WebClient provides an easy-to-use authoring interface which allows users to create new pages, to create content and edit it right inside the preview area, and also provides a suggestion to publish via the browser. In the multi-user environment, stored workflows and content versioning with FirstSpirit ensure that development stages, changes, and published content are transparent and easy to track, and that actions can be undone as needed.

"The FirstSpirit CMS offers us a platform for the implementation and enhancement of our web strategy," says Bertram Brossardt, CEO of the bayme vbm and vbw associations. "Thanks to the standardized layout on all pages based on a single platform and the efficient administration of content, we anticipate a rapid return on investment. At the same time we will also be able to better address the specific interests of our various target groups in our external communication and offer web users more opportunity for interaction."

For more information on FirstSpirit, visit us at www.e-Spirit.com.

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