Cash for Clunkers is Not Over: Program Inspires Environmental Changes

Studies conclude five percent of automobiles produce half of emissions in Colorado. Clear the Air Foundation, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, and many donor dealers like Planet Honda/Hyundai in Golden teamed together to get these old cars off the road to improve the environment. Offering cash incentive on trade in value the goal is to remove 1000 cars a year, crush environmentally hazardous pieces, and change Colorado’s pollution output.

Golden, CO, February 24, 2012 --( Remote sensing vehicles off Colorado highways discovered that five percent of automobiles contribute half of all emissions. Clear the Air Foundation and local Denver auto dealers are in pursuit of the five percent -- older autos lacking newer, environment friendly technology. The collaboration crushed one hundred and fifty cars in 2011.

Inspired by Cash for Clunkers, Clear the Air Foundation partners with auto dealers like Planet Hyundai and Planet Honda in Golden Colorado to get “gross emitters” off the road. Donor organizations give incentives to consumers on trade in value for high emissions cars. Clear the Air Foundation collects donor cars recycling reusable parts and destroying high pollution parts like outdated frames and engines.

“All it takes is 1000 cars a year to move that air pollution needle,” explained Jill Unfried Clear the Air Foundation’s program coordinator.

Clear the Air Foundation has only been operating at full force for little more than a year with growing public awareness and dealer support the air pollution needle is bound to move. As a 501(c) (3) organization profits will eventually provide scholarships to students pursuing automotive and technology education. Clear the Air Foundation will also support organizations like National Jewish Hospital and the American Lung Association.

Clear the Air Foundation is seeking pledges from donor organizations. After donating twenty-nine cars last year, Planet Hyundai in Golden promises three cars a month for 2012.

Ed Bronstine general manager of Planet Hyundai affirmed: “Cash for clunkers provided more than economic stimulation; it also helped us recognize that alongside Clear the Air Foundation getting these cars off the road can improve the environment. I welcome anyone interested in this program to come to our store, see what their car is worth, and get these clunkers off the road.”

Family owned and operated, Planet Automotive has been owned since 1995 by Denver locals Lee and Olga Payne. Planet Automotive operates as Planet Hyundai and Planet Honda in Golden Colorado, and is most famous for their five-day money back guarantee program, open door policy, and long time commitment to community.

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