New Real Estate Brokerage Firm Throws Its Hat in the Ring & NYC Real Estate Advisors is Their Exclusive Real Estate Training Company

This March 1, 2012 marks the launch of the newest and most innovative real estate brokerage firm to come on the industry scene in a long time and NYC Real Estate Advisors is their exclusive Real Estate Training Company. Register for a Free informational webinar to learn more:

New York, NY, February 28, 2012 --( What if everything people needed to be successful independent real estate agents could be provided to them online? They would have no mandatory meetings, no minimum deal amounts, no desk fees and no transaction fees.

Of course, the biggest concern would then be whether or not they would feel supported in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Would there be training for new and even seasoned agents? Would they have access to all the documents they needed? Would they be able to connect with other agents in order to support one another? Would their sponsoring broker be available to guide them? Would their listings be well distributed?

Voro or Virtual Online Realty Office is ready to answer all those questions and change the way people make money in real estate.

According to Co-Founder, Ted Gounaris, "We live in an age of technological efficiency. That efficiency should translate into better client service at lower costs."

It seems there is a brokerage firm that has created a real estate model that allows agents to be 100% independent, 100% business owners, 100% supported, 100% empowered and 100% part of a professional community.

On Wednesday February 29, 2012 – at 6:00pm, NYC Real Estate Advisors is hosting an informational webinar with VORO Co-Founder, Ted Gounaris to answer questions and fill in the details as to how it's possible to have a virtual real estate firm and yet provide 100% commissions and 100% support.

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Look Out - It’s the Future of Real Estate.

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Elizabeth Perea