Newly Expanded Range of Services for Contractors and Businesses Offered at Modular Stations Site

ACISCO, a company known for its modular workstations, is promoting its recently expanded range of services for contractors and business owners.

Jericho, NY, February 29, 2012 --( ACISCO, a manufacturer that specializes in providing businesses with flexible and cost-effective modular workstations, is currently highlighting the extensive selection of services it makes accessible to company owners and contractors. Available online at, the furniture producer is now offering promotions on its holistic building services, which include architectural and interior design planning, project management, permits and insurance approvals, moving and relocation services, as well as an extensive array of modular space-saving solutions.

“While we’re well-reputed for our customizable inventory of modular cubicles and conference and reception room furniture, not all of our clients realize the scope of our general contracting services. In fact, we have a team of architects, designers, project managers, and other experts on staff, as well as a larger network of partner companies and builders who all have only the best reputations for expediency and cost-efficiency. ACISCO has facilitated the construction or renovation of spaces ranging from smaller offices and retail stores that measure only a few hundred square feet all the way up to large-scale corporate projects,” said Meridith Zwirn, COO of the modular stations company.

While its modular workstations exemplify the flexibility and high-quality design that are markers of the company, ACISCO’s contracting services are an added boon for business owners planning office renovations as well as contractors who are eager to work with one single company to complete their entire construction projects. Members of ACISCO’s team of specialists communicate with landlords to ensure that plans adhere to various codes, permits, and city, state, and federal regulations. Representatives from the modular stations company are also able to help clients receive a necessary Certificate of Occupancy, as well as ensure all properties are compliant with fire and safety regulations.

When it comes to the physical space of the properties undergoing construction or renovation, ACISCO employs a network of architects, project managers, designers and space planners who are experts in their respective fields. Working together to ensure than any given space is not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing but also space-saving and functional, the experts of ACISCO work closely with clients and additionally promote their complimentary, no-obligation consultations as an effective way for potential customers to learn more about the modular stations company’s services. For a holistic office creation process, ACISCO can also provide clients with audio/video systems, window treatments, printing and office supplies, furniture refurbishing, moving and relocation services and more.

“Some of the projects we’ve tackled in the past have included constructing national pharmacy chains, ATM centers and bank branches, fast food restaurants, and retail mass merchandising centers, both in capacities of complete turn-key construction and less-intensive renovation and remodeling. Our project managers have also been associated with corporate projects ranging from 500 to 75,000 square feet, and retail ventures ranging from 1,000 square foot outlets to 150,000 square foot super stores. The bottom line is that we have the experience to get the work done, no matter the project,” said Zwirn.

To contact the modular workstations manufacturer and learn more about its services for contractors, find the company online at or call 1-877-5-ACISCO. ACISCO is also present on social media sites at and, and maintains a modular stations blog at

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