To Better Serve Clients Seeking Court Reporting, Web Conferencing and More, Huseby, Inc., Launches New Website, Logo, Branding Effort

Huseby Global Litigation Support, Inc., has launched a newly designed Web site, logo and branding effort to better serve its clients in the legal industry. With the enhancements, the company is emphasizing its ability to serve mobile lawyers locally as well as globally.

Charlotte, NC, February 29, 2012 --( Huseby, Inc., has launched a new website, logo and brand that emphasize the litigation support firm’s increasingly global reach, and pay tribute to its beginnings in 1928.

Symbolized by its new “Global H” logo, Huseby offers the latest and most effective technology for court reporting, legal videography and trial support services that can be utilized by its clients around the world, while maintaining its focus on local service.

The new website is set up to provide clients a center from which to schedule, access critical files, log in to Web conferencing, chat with a Huseby representative or catch up on the latest news through the Huseby Blog.

The new site offers several features helpful to mobile attorneys:

- It is simpler, leaner and easier to navigate.

- The scheduling page offers a location search feature and a “did you also think about” check-off feature.

- A live-chat feature is available from every page as an easy, quick way for clients to ask questions.

- The HusebyConnect Web conferencing section of the website is dedicated to the features and uses of Huseby’s Web conferencing technology. Clients can also access the Web conferencing login page directly from the site.

- The videos/downloads page offers easy access to important software downloads and features how-to guides such as “Working with your PDF.”

- Videos highlighting Huseby’s services and technology are available at the bottom of each page and in the video section of the site. In the future, Huseby will provide a how-to video and podcast series that highlights features of the Web resource center and other technology, and assists with navigation.

- The Huseby Blog is situated next to the resource center login and will be a featured page on the website. The regularly updated blog highlights what’s new at Huseby.

- Printable PDF brochures are featured on both the relating pages and the downloads section of the site.

- The “Our Professionals” section provides easy email contact with employees at Huseby.

The year 1928 is a company touchstone because that’s when the first Huseby family member began a career as a court reporter. Through the next three generations of Huseby family court reporters, the company has grown into one of the largest and most-recognized names in the litigation support industry.

For the final piece of the branding effort, Huseby employees developed three words that sum up the Huseby story.

Quality: Huseby strives to provide the highest levels of quality and support within the litigation services industry. That quality is represented in the end product clients are sent, and symbolic of the high standards of customer service clients receive. Service and attention to detail are a hallmark of the Huseby brand and is offered to clients, no matter where they’re located.

Innovation: Huseby responds to the needs of its clients by developing the highest levels of technology based on those needs. Clients can expect

- access to a variety of Web-based resources,

- the ability to connect locally and remotely to a live, real-time transcript feed,

- video and Web conferencing around the world, and

- video-on-demand services for ease of use at trial.

Mobility: Today’s attorney is more mobile than ever before. Huseby recognizes the need to provide its services and technology in a way that empowers the mobile attorney. Huseby’s Web-based technology allows its clients to have a mobile office wherever they are. The Huseby Web-based resource center offers clients the ability to

- schedule and update services,

- interact with a real-time calendar, and

- retrieve transcripts, exhibits, videos and invoices from both a desktop connection or a mobile device.

Mobile attorneys can also take remote depositions through advanced Web conferencing technology and present, mark and annotate exhibits digitally.

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