Weathered Stone™ Column Install Premieres on SplashCast

Bendable Stone Column Installs Have Never Before Been Available for Public Viewing.

Fairhope, AL, May 20, 2007 --( Weathered Stone™ column installation videos are available on SplashCast™ for the public to watch. Installation videos have not been available for the general public until now. The installation videos show the product’s ability to wrap and bend around intricate spaces. See it to believe it! The world’s first bendable stone.

SplashCast™ has enabled Weathered Stone™ to display the product’s unique and bendable qualities in a public manner. Owner and Weathered Stone™ inventor, Sean Howard, wanted to go public with the Weathered Stone™ installation videos to a site that would give the company broadcasting power. He feels like he’s discovered the perfect site for launching installation videos. SplashCast™ allows their users to use multiple media sources, such as: video, photos, music, audio narration, and text content.

Howard believes SplashCast™ is the next wave of web innovation. SplashCast™ is a forerunner in the ever changing industry. He is excited to be apart of the SplashCast™ network. According to a SplashCast™ backgrounder the company is a Portland, OR based start-up that is bringing the power of media syndication to everyone.

Weathered Stone is a patent-pending, hand made, stone replica covering that can be used on virtually all solid interior spaces. The product is only 1/32nd of an inch thick, and can go over tile and brick surfaces. The product has 22 standard colors, and 11 grout colors. Custom colors are available.

Weathered Stone
Sean Howard
355 Commercial Park Drive
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