Ekena Millwork Patents FiberThane Balustrade

With Ekena Millwork’s announcement that their FiberThane Balustrade System is now patent pending, Ekena has secured their position as the millwork market’s only provider of a fiberglass and urethane hybrid balustrade system.

Clarksville, TX, March 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Ekena Millwork just announced that their FiberThane balustrade system has been accepted for a provisional utility patent.

This marks another milestone for Ekena’s new balustrade system, and puts a substantial hindrance in place for those who wanted to follow in Ekena’s footsteps with a similar hybrid balustrade system.

FiberThane is a new composite balustrade system that was released in August of 2011. Although it has only been on the market for a few months, it has already caused numerous waves in the urethane millwork industry for penetrating a market that has been solidly held by traditional urethane balustrade systems.

For over 30 years, the dominant composite balustrade systems have been offered by urethane millwork companies like Fypon and Spectis. The urethane balustrade systems they offer have not changed substantially in those 30 years, and continue to be manufactured from standard PVC pipe that is surrounded by molded polyurethane.

Because of the natural limitations of PVC as a structural component, these urethane systems are only rated for 8’ spans. FiberThane’s patent pending design solves this inherent problem by combining the strength of fiberglass, and the crisp detail of polyurethane. Ekena’s system uses fiberglass for the major structural components – the top rail, bottom rail, and newel posts – which allows the system to span 16’ without need of any additional support.

Ekena Millwork had FiberThane independently tested by a third-party engineering facility to receive an official certificate stating it can span 16’. This certification makes FiberThane balustrade the only composite balustrade system that can span longer than 8’.

Once this fact was announced, several companies raced to duplicate Ekena’s hybrid system of using fiberglass as the structural component in a balustrade system. But with the announcement that FiberThane balustrade is now patent pending, Ekena has secured its spot as the only company who can manufacture a balustrade system using fiberglass and polyurethane.

For further information about Ekena Millwork or the FiberThane Balustrade System, please contact Ekena Millwork at www.ekenamillwork.com.

Ekena Millwork
Daniel Milkie