IMG Lighting Attending Arc Show 2012 in London Business Design Centre Debut Beacon 600 Generation III Brightest Warm+Cool Diode Array

Cupertino, CA, March 01, 2012 --( IMG Lighting attending Arc Show 2012 in London Business Design Centre is devoted to the lighting industry. IMG Lighting is the manufacturer of the Beacon 600 and Beacon 600 LE the world's brightest LED desk lamp with dual cool white and warm white LED array.

The Arc Show 2012 in London Business Design Centre will showcase hundreds of advanced lighting products to industry professionals. The show will be stuffed with new products, suppliers and guest speakers addressing seminars on key topics.

The Arc Show in London Business Design Centre is a chance to visitors to meet suppliers, source new products, establish key contacts and keep abreast of developments in the lighting industry. There will also be new product launches as well as a session where visitors will be able to discuss their ideas with lighting experts at The Arc Show '12 in London.

The Arc Show in London Business Design Centre should not be missed by anyone involved in a process of designing, developing or purchasing lighting products. Meet leading suppliers as they unveil innovative products; providing retail, commercial and architectural lighting solutions to all.

Light up your mind with inspiration at The Arc Show '12 in London Business Design Centre!

The premium Beacon Series are available in the Beacon 600 and Beacon 600LE. All Beacon Series lamps are powered by OSRAM Ultra Bright LEDs and produce 600 lumens with dual cool-warm white LEDs. Beacon 600 is the brightest LED desk lamp under $500 and the best value in class for most lumens per dollar. The current generation of Beacon 600, Generation III, employs the IMG Lighting High Modulus Chipset that drives an an array of premium OSRAM LEDs to produce 600 lumens with a mere 8.7 watts of power. The Beacon 600’s very high lumen to watt ratio makes the the current generation of Beacon 600 one of the worlds most energy efficient LED desk lamps available anywhere. The Beacon 600 is available in midnight black.

Beacon by IMG Lighting employs clean, stress free LED lighting technology that eliminates the harsh whites of fluorescent and the yellow glare of incandescent bulbs. Beacon Desk Lamps improves worker productivity with clear, crisp, ultra bright illumination that is ideal for reading, computer lighting and office tasks. Beacon uses environmental-friendly, premium OSRAM 50,000 hour LEDs. These ultra-long lasting LEDs require a fraction of energy of traditional lamps. Beacon pays for itself with the money saved from reduced energy costs and bulbs to replace.

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