LJR Marketing Keen on Expansion Into New Markets

With huge expansion planned for 2012, incorporating a new client is the first challenge set for LJR Marketing and they are relishing it.

Manchester, United Kingdom, March 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As experts in Direct Sales & Marketing, LJR Marketing ended 2011 on a high as they achieved record-breaking profits and scooped several awards at the annual awards ceremony for their industry at The Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank. Former star of BBC’s Dragon’s Den, James Caan was one of the successful entrepreneurs in attendance and it would appear his words of wisdom have had a positive effect on those at LJR Marketing, who this week announced they will be carrying out a "test market" for a new client. With huge expansion planed for 2012, incorporating a new client is the first challenge set for LJR Marketing and they are relishing it.

For the first time in the company’s history, LJR Marketing will be expanding into the Health & Beauty industry. Replicating their direct approach to this market will involve experimenting with new methods of customer acquisition and Lawrence Randall, Managing Director at LJR Marketing believes they have the industry knowledge to make the test a success. He explained: “We have lots of experience working with different clients and have always been successful when it comes to adapting our approach. It’s the beauty of what we do, the clients want new customers and we can provide them with that from day one.” Direct Sales & Marketing involves actively approaching customers, creating personal, lasting relationships and perhaps, most importantly, keeping costs low for clients.

The Direct Sales & Marketing industry is starting to cause a stir in the national media, with the BBC recently reporting that the sales industry is worth just over £2 billion to the UK economy. Outsource Sales & Marketing companies such as LJR Marketing are concentrating more on growth and expansion than the typical ‘fight for survival’ facing many retailers and brands in the current recession. Lawrence Randall, Managing Director at LJR Marketing commented: “It really is a great time to be involved in this industry, the worse the situation gets for many of the big brands out there, the more interest they start to show in what we do here. It’s hard work and it’s not always that glamorous but it’s fun, engaging and most importantly, it’s sustainable and growing.”

The decision to test a client in the Health & Beauty industry was a calculated one by the LJR Marketing team. Steve Sleeper, Executive Director of the Professional Beauty Association recently claimed: “The salon and spa industry remains resilient. As with the broader economy, it is encouraging to see positive growth and expansion.” Lawrence Randall believes the Health & Beauty Industry will continue to prosper despite the recession and concluded: “The timing is perfect to move into an industry that can not just be financially beneficial for both parties, but can also support the levels of growth we plan to achieve this year.”

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Dom Fearns