US Recovery Drives 10% Rise in January – Ascenta Special Situations Resource Fund

Ascenta Asset Management releases their market commentary for the Special Situations Resource Fund Factsheet of January 2012.

Ebene, Mauritius, South Africa, March 02, 2012 --( Ascenta Asset Management, a licensed portfolio manager and investment advisor to the Ascenta Special Situations Resource Fund, recently released their market commentary for their Special Situations Resource Fund for the month of January 2012. The market commentary is written by Jason Cubbit, Managing Director Fund Services.

“January saw a continued US equities recovery with the Dow Jones rising over 15% since October 1st. This was despite the European financial crisis and threats of global slowdown.

"Standard and Poor downgraded most European countries and many European banks with exposure to Greek debt. China restored some calm amid concern over its slowing rate of growth - the slowest since Q2 2009 - by easing monetary policy. US investors had good reason to see less risk given a growth in jobs and corporate profits, a continuing low interest rate environment and the strengthening consumer confidence.

"Neighboring Canada's resource-heavy indices shared some of this optimism, gaining about half of the US gains. This means that there is still buying opportunity presented by the remaining 'value gap' between the price of raw materials and the share of companies that extract them.

"Our fund gained almost 11% in January as perceived risk for commodity-based companies eased. Clearly the market has moved past the utter doom and gloom that dominated much of last year and sees Europe for what it is - a systematic financial crisis that can be addressed with systematic solutions.

"With that said, much of our portfolio remains undervalued and we are beginning to redeploy cash as we see opportunities. Assets such as infrastructure and service providers, for example drilling companies for natural gas producers, presenting incredible value.

"In the near future we will be publishing strategic insights into some of our investing themes for 2012. We expect this year to be a busy one, with many lucrative opportunities unfolding.”

About Ascenta Asset Management Ltd.
Ascenta Asset Management Ltd. is a licensed portfolio manager and the designated advisor to the Ascenta Special Situations Resource Fund. As specialists in the natural resource sector, the founders of Ascenta bring a wealth of experience in all experience in all aspects of the industry, from the founding of natural resource companies, to proprietary trading and equity financing of natural resource issuers, to originating investment themes and products for money managers, It's this diverse experience, gained over decades and across five continents that gives Ascenta a unique perspective to investing in the sector.

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