ARG Zombies, the GPS Alternate Reality Game is Hoping to Get a Kick Start

iOS and Android GPS-based mobile game ARG Zombies is launching their Kickstarter Campaign.

San Francisco, CA, March 26, 2012 --( Tando Productions LLC is proud to announce the launch of ARG Zombies to Kickstarter. ARG Zombies is an upcoming indie developed, GPS-based Alternate Reality game for iOS and Android devices. They are seeking funding to finish the project started while deployed to Afghanistan in the United States Marine Corps.

ARG Zombies uses your devices GPS capabilities as the core concept behind the game. Travel across the US, fighting zombies and other monsters that are unique to the part of the country you are in. "Check-In" when you enter a building in real life, clear out the zombies and find loot in the game. Use the materials you find to craft items to trade with other players, but watch out, everyone playing the game can attack or be attacked by other players near their current location. A unique main quest line will drive players to achieve the maximum level, where an updating story will yield progressive loot and real life rewards.

You can find their Kickstarter page here:

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The 3 minute YouTube video for Kickstarter about how the game works is available here:

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Owen Morris, first came up with the idea for ARG Zombies, while deployed to Southern Afghanistan in ’09-’10 as a Marine Corps infantrymen. After spending his spare hours designing the game in a war zone, Owen returned home safe, and began production with his own money. Since then fellow Marine David O’Hagan and Jordan Doty have joined the effort along with Owen’s brother Trevor Morris. They hope with a successful Kickstarter campaign, they will achieve their dream of becoming game designers and continue to push the limits of modern day mobile gaming in future releases.

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