Kaonetics Announces Partnership with Center for Innovation

Will Create Access to Federal Labs, Contacts for Partnerships and More

Fort Worth, TX, March 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Kaonetics Technologies, Inc. today announced that the company has joined a select network of affiliate partners at the Center for Innovation (CFI).

Kaonetics, which recently moved its headquarters to Fort Worth, is developing multiple technology platforms based on energy waveforms with potential applications in military, law enforcement and other industries. Among other things, testing shows that Kaonetics’ “directed energy” technology can stabilize improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which have become the number one cause of death and injury to American service members.

“CFI's unparalleled access to federal labs and the Department of Defense’s intellectual property portfolio will give Kaonetics the potential to fast track its ground-breaking technology,” according to Executive Vice President Mant Hawkins. “Our partnership will help create the relationships that are essential for the success of Kaonetics.”

The Arlington, Texas based CFI is a catalyst for technology led economic development, facilitating and enabling the integration of industry, academic and government research with access to capital and talent.

“Kaonetics is precisely the type of company the CFI seeks to become part of our exclusive network of only 40 affiliate partners nationwide,” stated Wes Jurey, Chairman & CEO of the CFI. “Bringing together Kaonetics’ breakthrough technology with CFI’s access to research from federal laboratories, universities and industry, our access to public and private sources of funding, and our access to talent, from design to manufacturing and deal flow, we expect to play an important role in helping Kaonetics achieve success.”

Kaonetics is developing its environmentally safe directed energy technology to create platforms with multiple applications, such as detecting drugs, guns, explosives and other contraband, in vehicles and containers, and behind walls. The technology can also be used to shut down electronic devices, such as IEDs, computers and even a car’s ignition as the vehicle is fleeing from police.

Using a completely separate technology platform, Kaonetics’ Circular Polarized Antenna (CPA) can provide a sharper signal than traditional antennas in rough terrain, metropolitan areas and other locations where signals from traditional antennas would be obstructed. It has potential applications in military, law enforcement and consumer use.

Through the CFI, Kaonetics joins TechComm (Technology Commercialization & Manufacturing), a coalition of U.S. federal agencies and their labs, that is working with the CFI to facilitate the transfer of federal patented technology to industries for commercial use and manufacturing, and to facilitate cooperative research between federal labs with both universities and industries.

According to Hawkins, Kaonetics’ partnership with the CFI will also provide:

Contacts with major contractors. Kaonetics is seeking to focus on further developing its technology, while working with major defense contractors and others that have the capital and relationships already in place to commercialize Kaonetics’ technology.

Fast-track technology development. The CFI is one of only four federal “partner intermediaries” in the country that is allowed priority access to any Department of Defense lab and the only partner intermediary in the country for multiple federal agencies. Further testing and development are essential to Kaonetics.

Workforce recruitment. The CFI will provide access to the best and brightest recruits from universities, industry and its network of companies.

Rapid and extensive access to potential clients and partners. The CFI has a top-tier network of member companies and contacts in the industries of interest to Kaonetics.

Synergistic technology. Technology available through the CFI may complement and add value to Kaonetics’ technology.

“I can think of no more important strategic initiative for Kaonetics than establishing this relationship with the CFI,” Hawkins said. “This network enhances the technological and industrial advancement of the Kaonetics’ directed energy and CPA technology significantly.”

About the Center for Innovation, Arlington, Texas
The Center For Innovation (www.thecenterforinnovation.org) is a non-profit LLC, established in 2002 to serve as a catalyst for technology based economic development, comprised of collaborative partnerships and agencies, collectively focused on three strategic initiatives; (1) creating world class deal flow; (2) catalyzing the formation of venture capital; and (3) training, recruiting, and retaining the talent and know how necessary to support the innovation economy.

About Kaonetics Technologies, Inc.
Kaonetics Technologies, Inc. (KTI) (www.kaonetics.com) of Fort Worth, Texas, is the developer of two key technology platforms: “directed energy” technology, which can potentially detect and stabilize explosive devices, and detect contraband wherever it is hidden, and the Circular Polarized Antenna (CPA), which provides a stronger signal in areas where interference would challenge a traditional antenna. Kaonetics products have potential applications in homeland security, the military, law enforcement, energy, healthcare and industrial processing. Kaonetics seeks to develop products that make life easier, healthier and safer.

Kaonetics Technologies, Inc.
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