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Varun Veer has just added another online yoga video to the TotalYogaPractice.com archive. These professional streaming yoga video instruction practices are filmed in fantastic locations to inspire and help you commit to the regular exercise required to improve your health - body, mind and soul.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., May 22, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Varun Veer has just added another new online yoga video to the TotalYogaPractice.com yoga video archive. Filmed with Hong Kong’s harbour and impressive skyline as the background, the video inspires by contrasting the frenetic pace of city life with the calm and focused yoga movements of one of Hong Kong’s most popular yoga instructors.

This latest addition to the TotalYogaPractice.com online yoga video archive provides a balanced practice to open hips, back and shoulders to relieve stress and tension that build up in these joints. Varun’s yoga routine also provides poses to strengthen leg, back, arm and neck muscles for all round muscle toning. Varun’s style of yoga allows you to spend time in each pose, to focus on your alignment and deepen the stretch for maximum benefits to your mind and body.

TotalYogaPractice.com provides streaming yoga videos to help yoga enthusiast and regular people alike commit to the regular exercise practice required to improve their health. By providing a library of yoga instruction videos streamed to their computer via the internet, members have the freedom to fit a professionally instructed yoga practice into their busy lives, wherever they what, at work, when travelling or even in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

TotalYogaPractice.com’s large library of online yoga videos ensures that there’s a yoga practice for all levels and abilities. The streaming yoga videos are presented in full screen HD/DVD quality streaming video as used by Hollywood movie studios so you can really see every move. TotalYogaPractice.com’s native Indian instructors, like Varun, have all dedicated their entire lives to the learning, practice and teaching of yoga. They teach with a knowledge, compassion and calming style that can only be gained through experience and dedication.

TotalYogaPractice.com are currently offering a 14 day free trial access so you can see for yourself how streaming yoga video instruction can help you de-stress and improve your health with balanced yoga routines.

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