Resume Surgeon: Look at Goal Setting When Looking for Jobs looks at how goal setting when you are looking for a job can increase your chances of securing employment.

London, United Kingdom, March 05, 2012 --( Resume Surgeon, the resume and career expert, offers daily advice to jobseekers from a variety of topics including job interviews and resume writing.

This week, Resume Surgeon has been focusing on the importance of goal setting when looking for employment. Through their extensive research, Resume Surgeon's experts have found that this is one thing that can really help when you are looking for a job. Setting goals enables jobseekers to narrow down their job search and refine the opportunities they want to apply for.

There are a number of goals to be set and it depends on each applicant. Setting goals about working environments and companies is the first thing to consider. What kind of company do you want to work for? What working environment would be right for you? What kind of company culture do you want to cultivate? Candidates should ask themselves this question as this will enable them to apply for relevant companies and to, eventually, find their dream job.

Similarly salary, career prospects and location are all crucial factors. Assessing all of these will help with any job application. Having a clear idea of these will also help candidates to sharpen their professional resume and to personalise it.

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