Stephen W. Carnes Encourages Healthy Eating with Super Foods

Longwood, FL, March 04, 2012 --( Stephen W. Carnes is encouraging healthy eating by telling his readers about the top three super foods that every dieter should be consuming. These tips will be released in a set of new articles over the course of the next couple of months.

The super foods that are mentioned are: eggs, cottage cheese and oatmeal. Each one of these foods has benefits that assist in promoting good health, feelings of fullness and aids the weight loss journey.

The super foods article will also contain suggestions for how to prepare and eat these foods, as well as a recipe that will combine all three. Cottage cheese for example, has been a body building staple for years because it contains a high amount of protein, it is low in fat and keeps feeling of fullness lasting for hours. When cottage cheese is combined with pasta sauce or pureed tomatoes, it creates a creamy effect that tastes just as good on pasta or vegetables, as the unhealthy alternative.

Eating healthy is the most important aspect to achieving results and changing your lifestyle. These three super foods will make a great start for anyone who has always wondered what foods they can eat that will keep them satisfied until the next meal.

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